Consejos para hacer videoconferencias profesionales

Coronavirus has made video conferencing one of the main options for communicating with customers,especially those companies that have implemented telework and do not have the possibility to view them in person.

At first, conducting a video conference may seem simple,and indeed it is; but for a professional video conference it is important to take into account a number of aspects. Otherwise, we may be giving a not too good or professional image.

That’s why from AYCE Laborytax we will share with you different tips to make professional video conferences with your clients that will allow you to show the best image of your company or business.

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Tips for making professional video conferences and giving the best picture

> Prepare video conferencing in time

You’ll probably have met a client at a certain time. To avoid risks and make sure you are on time, we recommend preparing the video conference well in advance, to checkthat everything is working properly and not have to keep your customers waiting.

If you connect at the last minute any unexpected failure could arise,which would mean that you would have to keep your client waiting, with all the inconvenience that entails. In that case you would give a bad image, since you should keep in mind that the client has probably organized to keep the video conference at the time you have agreed.

> Make sure the Internet is working properly

It’s also important to check your router and make sure the Internet is working properly. There is nothing more annoying during a video conference that the signal is constantly cut off, the image is frozen or the sound goes away.

A few minutes before making the call check that the Internet works perfectly. Otherwise, turn off the router to restart it so that everything is perfect at the time of the call. If it still doesn’t work, try disconnecting other connected devices, as there might be a reason why it doesn’t work properly.

> Mute the microphone

During a video call the background noise is very annoying and can even complicate communication, so when you are not talking we recommend that you mute the microphone,and you will prevent the other party from hearing unpleasant sounds.

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> Familiar with the tool you’re going to use

Another essential point is to familiarize yourself with the tool that you will use for video conferencing. Although they are usually quite simple tools, if you have never used it you could have problems during the video call.

Currently you have multiple tools to make video conferences (Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams,… etc.and each of them works in a different way,so our advice is that you try to know them all, so that you can serve your customers in any of them.

> Take care of your image

Needless to say, but during video conferencing it is essential that you show a good image. Even if you’re home, you have to maintain professionalism at all times.

Get ready for video conferencing asif it were a face-to-face meeting, dressing in the same way and paying special attention to hairstyle, since it is usually one of the most forgotten points in video conferences.

> Choose a quiet place to do the video conference

Of course, you’ll also need to use a quiet space to do videoconferencing, free of noise, distractions and people not passing through. Also, you should consider the items that may appear on the screen during the video call. Our advice is to look for a smooth wall, that is free of any object that can distract the client.

> Look at the camera at all times

During video conferencing you should look at the camera at all times and pay customer service,otherwise you will convey that you are not attentive and that you do not care what you are talking about.

This is important for both professionalism and education. If at some point you’re not staring at the camera, focus your attention on your device screen so it doesn’t look like you’re distracted.

> Stay stanced

Finally, even if you are at home and want to be as comfortable as possible, you must maintain your posture during videoconferencing,as it is proven that sitting well conveys greater confidence, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Obviously you can settle in if you’re uncomfortable, but try not to be moving constantly throughout themeeting, as that will cause nervousness and also affect your image.

Keep in mind that any gestures you make will be seen on the other side, much more than in a face-to-face meeting, and that your attention will be placed on everything displayed on the screen.

Consejos para hacer videoconferencias profesionales

Photo: Christina Wocintechchat – Unsplash


Here are some tips for conducting professional video conferencing and avoid giving a bad image to your clients. Keep them in mind and apply them before each video call and we guarantee that everything will go perfectly.