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Key features of the tax audit

Not sure your business complies with applicable tax obligations? If you need to know in detail the tax situation of your company, at AYCE Laborytax you have a large team of professionals specialized in tax auditing.
Today, the Internal Tax Audit is an essential instrument for decision-making, which minimizes the risks of your company in the face of possible actions of the Tax Administration.

Why do you need a

Our team of tax audit experts will prepare a report on the current accounting status of your company, as well as its commercial situation and the possible tax contingencies existing in the company in the year(s) analyzed. All this, always under a fiscal perspective, beyond the typical processes of reviewing audits of accounts.

Our tax audit services

In our department specialized in tax auditing we offer our clients a wide range of professional services:

  • Analysis of documentation with documentary checks and circularization of balances, if applicable.
  • Verification of obligation in the application of any special tax regime.
  • Review of the census situation and Tax on Economic Activities (IAE).
  • Compliance analysis with commercial obligations and tax planning.
  • Analysis and tax square.
  • Actions of the Treasury Inspector’s Office and comprehensive assistance during inspection processes.
  • Analysis of the Balance Sheet and the Profit and Loss Account, and its main solvency and liquidity indicator ratios.
  • Comprehensive review of related operations.
  • Issuance of Professional Opinion Report on tax incidents and improvement recommendations.

We are the solution for your business.

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What is the purpose of a tax audit of companies?

The objective of a tax audit is to control and inspect the tax situation of a company, in order to verify whether or not it complies with its tax obligations. A tool that analyzes and verifies the facts with a tax character, and that is used to inspect both companies and individuals with tax obligations.

The main objective of a tax audit process is to analyze whether a company or individual complies with its tax obligations.

During its execution, the tax auditors will analyze and evaluate everything related to the accounting records, monetary movements and the documentation that contains information related to the operations carried out by the company or individual during a specific period of time.

The function of a tax auditor is none other than to verify that all the declarations made and the tax payments are correct and in accordance with reality. After analyzing all the corresponding information, it will make a tax audit report,in which it will detail all the information obtained, and will also give its own opinion on the matter.

Next, we review the main objectives of tax audits:

  • Verify that the balances of the liabilities of the balance sheet correspond to outstanding debts to the Public Treasury, at the closing date of the year.
  • Verify that the balances liable to the Public Treasury have been valued based on accounting principles and current tax regulations.
  • Evaluate that the company’s accounts are correctly classified in the balance sheet, between assets and liabilities.
  • Check that those claims raised by the Public Administration that have not been resolved by the closing date, have been correctly accounted for.
  • Evaluate that the procedures carried out have been carried out in good faith, guaranteeing that the legal regulations have been complied with.

In this way, a tax audit report allows you to check with certainty if a company complies with its tax obligations, as well as to know the tax situation of the same, something key for correct decision making and to minimize the risks before a possible inspection of the Treasury.

Why trust the tax auditors of AYCE LABORYTAX?

In AYCE LABORYTAX we have a large team of professional tax auditors, experts and with a great experience, who will be in charge of analyzing the accounting status of your company, the commercial situation in which it is and possible existing tax contingencies.

To do this, throughout the tax audit process, both the company’s balance sheet is analyzed, to know the real situation of the company at a certain time, and the income statement, which will allow to know the monetary situation of the company.

Subsequently, they will carry out a tax audit report in which they will capture all the data collected, with the aim of knowing in detail the tax situation of the company.

Fundamental to know the economic and financial situation of a company, as well as to guarantee compliance with tax obligations, in AYCE LABORYTAX we are at your disposal to carry out a tax audit of your company, guaranteeing you the best service and the greatest professionalism.

Contact our tax auditors and comply with your company’s tax obligations.

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