IRPF 2020: This is how extraordinary benefits are taxed for suspension, cessation of activity or fall in income by COVID-19

Actualizado a fecha: 05/05/2021|

2020 was one of the most difficult years for the Spanish economy, and especially for self-employed people: the self-employed. In fact, according to data from the National Statistical Institute (INE) in early 2021, 10% of

Approved reform that encourages long-term involvement of shareholders of listed companies

Actualizado a fecha: 05/05/2021|

The General Courts have approved (BOE April 13, 2021) the Law amending the Consolidated Text of the Law on Capital Companies (Royal Legislative Decree 1/2010 of July 2) and other financial rules, as regards the

Income 2020: All about the repayment of fees from self-employed companies for the application of the flat rate

Actualizado a fecha: 05/05/2021|

The Income Declaration campaign is always one of the most complicated exercises of the year for many people, mainly for the self-employed. From April 7 to June 30,self-employed people will be held accountable to the

Penalties and consequences of working WITHOUT contract (for employer and employee)

Actualizado a fecha: 05/05/2021|

The worker is an important asset for the company,but also a source of expenses,since, in addition to paying his salary, he must pay monthly the corresponding social security fees. This situation has resulted in some

Responsibility of a company’s administrators: what areas does it cover?

Actualizado a fecha: 05/05/2021|

What are the obligations in the responsibility of the administrator of a company ? How far does that responsibility go? How many years does it take to prescribe actions against this responsibility? These are common

The Supreme Court confirms that late interest is deductible in corporation tax

Actualizado a fecha: 05/05/2021|

[ACTUALIZACIÓN 2021] One of the issues that has raised the most debate in recent times has been the deductibility of interest on late payment in corporation tax. This has led to a myriad of jurisprudence,

Child benefit per charge: How is it requested and how much is charged? [ACTUALIZACIÓN 2021]

Actualizado a fecha: 05/05/2021|

The child benefit is an economic grant offered by the National Institute of Social Security for each child in charge under the age of 18,or with a disability of more than 65%,to all persons who

Grants for hiring over 45s in Spain that your company should know about

Actualizado a fecha: 05/05/2021|

Unemployment in Spain is experiencing one of its worst moments, particularly affecting workers 45 years of age or older,who have serious difficulties in accessing a job. And, in the face of this complicated situation, a

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