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At AYCE Laborytax we have a specialized team to give you a complete business audit service. The goal of our work is to help you build a healthy, strong and well-managed company.

Why choose an audit firm for your business?

Carrying out an audit of companies is essential to know the state in which a company is, as well as to guarantee its proper functioning, since through the audit the different processes and activities of a company will be thoroughly analyzed.

Auditing is the process by which an auditing company analyzes and collects all the accounting information of a company, company or society.

The business audit is a very useful and recommended tool for any company, with the aim of reviewing the different accounting, administrative or labor procedures that are carried out in a company, and verifying that the previously established criteria are being met.

In AYCE LABORYTAX we put at your disposal a team of auditors of professional and experienced companies,who will be responsible for carrying out a complete and exhaustive business audit externally, with the aim of helping you achieve the objectives set in your company, guarantee the quality of accounting information, avoid errors and / or possible contingencies with the Tax Agency.

What are the main advantages?

If you are looking for a trusted audit firm, with professionals committed to their work and who offer you maximum security, we are what you need.

Tax Audit

Our professionals will perform an analysis of the fulfillment of your company’s tax obligations to identify the existence of contingencies and their economic importance.

Labour Audit

The goal of our work is to locate the possible weaknesses and socio-labor complications of your company, to make decision-making easier and minimize risks.

Financial Audit

Our financial auditing service is designed to offer you added value, being concecised and exhaustive; helping you grow your business economy and optimize your resources.

Salary Audit

We will perform an analysis of your workers’ wages by group, category and job to detect if there is a pay gap and, where appropriate, correct pay inequalities.

Need more information?

Contact us and we will help you solve your doubts without any commitment!

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What is the role of an audit firm?

The main function of an audit firm is to analyze the accounting situation of a company, the management, the organization and the general development of the company, in order to know in what state the activity is and avoid errors that could lead to sanctions.

A company auditor is a fully trained and experienced professional to review and analyze the accounting data of a company, and thus verify that these data correspond to the activity that the audited company has been developing.

Once the business audithas been carried out, the auditor must write a report in which he will reflect the degree of veracity and clarity that the company currently has, as well as any error that may have been made during the development of its activity.

Why hire the services of an auditing company?

Hiring the services of an external auditing company is not only necessary to detect possible fraud, but also to review the different protocols and procedures within a company, with the aim of identifying errors and carrying out the most appropriate solutions to solve such errors.

An audit can be carried out on a voluntary basis, to avoid errors, or on a mandatory basis, to demonstrate that the use of resources is adequate, as well as that all relevant obligations are met. In the case of a mandatory audit, it must be carried out by an external audit firm.

In any case, an audit will allow a company to demonstrate that it is making efficient use of business resources, as well as that it complies with legal, accounting, tax and labor obligations. This will convey greater confidence abroad, increasing the chances of attracting new customers and/or future creditors.

Likewise, the report made by the company auditor will be key to identify weaknesses and correct them, as well as strengths and enhance them.

In AYCE LABORYTAX we carry out the business audit you need

If you need to carry out a business audit,in AYCE LABORYTAX we have a large team of auditors from specialized companies that will offer you a complete, reliable and maximum security service, and will thoroughly study the activity of your company.

We offer the following audit services:

Tax audit.
Labor audit.
Financial audit.
Salary audit.

If you are looking for an auditing company, at AYCE LABORYTAX we offer you the service you need. Contact us.