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Key features of the wage audit

With our wage audit service, we will conduct an analysis of your workers’ wages by groups and professional categories and jobs, to detect if there is a pay gap and, where appropriate, to establish the actions to be taken to correct the remuneration inequalities encountered.

Why does your company need a Salary Audit?

All companies, regardless of size, must have a remuneration record that includes the average and disaggregated data of the actual wages received by their workers, divided between men and women.

Yes, you company has more than 50 workers,it will have to go one step further and include in its Equality Plans a Remuneration Audit, whichin addition to the above will contain the average and median wages of working groups of equal value, with the aim of ensuring equal pay between workers of both sexes.

Our wage audit services

  • Performing a Wage Registration Model.
  • Gender-based remuneration audit, withanalysis of the company’s current wage situation
  • Assessment of jobs, prior,objective, numerical and not differentiated between persons who have different contracts,
  • Establishment of an action plan to correct possible remuneration inequalities,determining objectives, concrete actions, schedule, follow-up, etc.

Do you still not make the Salary Registration of your company? At Ayce Laborytax we can help you.

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Request the Salary Audit of your business with Aycelaborytax ®

At AYCE Laborytax we offer a professional and specialized salary audit service for companies,with which you can know if your company guarantees the principle of equality between men and women in terms of remuneration.

If your company has more than 50 workers, you’ll need to develop a Remuneration Equality Plan between men and women,with the aim of ensuring pay equality between workers of both sexes to combat the pay gap, equal treatment and offer the same employment opportunities to men and women.

This Remuneration Equality Plan should include a gender-sensitiveremuneration audit, which will review a company’s current wage situation and, where appropriate, establish the actions to be taken to correct remuneration inequalities, if any.

Download Dossier – Remuneration Audit

Salary equalization audit services

At AYCE Laborytax we put at your disposal our external audit services of equal pay,with the aim of helping you to know the reasons that influence the gap and wage policy, and thus avoid obstacles to ensure equal pay between workers of both sexes, with total transparency.

We will carry out a salary audit and a salary registration model,which are totally necessary when developing the Equality Plan, and thus comply with current regulations and avoid possible penalties for non-compliance with it.

Why hire an external audit of wage equalization to AYCE Laborytax?

At AYCE Laborytax we are fully committed to equal pay and work between men and women, and we have a large team of professionals specialized in labor lawand working conditions, perfectly trained to carry out an external wage audit in the best conditions.

We have more than 35 years of experience conducting audits and implementing improvements in the performance and efficiency of the business. The wage audit is within the audit process, and therefore is not an isolated product or a mere process.

We will carry out the remuneration audit in accordance with Royal Decree 902/2020on equal pay between men and women, which establishes the following conditions:

  • Make a diagnosis of the remuneration situation of the company,where all jobs will be evaluated, in relation to both the remuneration system and the promotion system.
  • Establish an action plan to correct possible remuneration inequalities,determining objectives, concrete actions, a schedule, establishing the people responsible for their implementation and monitoring, etc.

Always accompanied by ongoing legal advice. We will inform you at all times of any changes or legal changes that occur.

After the wage audit and wage registration, workers and legal representatives may consult the wagerecords, to verify that there is indeed no pay gap, and that jobs of equal value are remunerated under the same conditions. In addition, they will also be available to the Labour and Social Security Inspection.

If you need to conduct an external wage audit for your company and comply with the Equality Plan,

contact us without obligation. We will help you end the pay gap and ensure equal pay among all workers in your company, improving the working climate and increasing the productivity of your workers.

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