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We will assist you in the preparation and implementation of an Equality Plan in companies of more than 50 workers to eliminate
possible risks of sex discrimination in your company, such as gender pay inequality.

Business Equality Plan Matters

  • Recruitment and selection process
  • Professional ranking
  • formation
  • Professional promotion
  • Working conditions and remuneration
  • Exercise of the rights of personal, family and work life
  • Female underrepresentation
  • Prevention of sexual harassment and sexual reasons

Companies forced to have an equality plan

  • Required for those with 50 or more workers.
  • As of 07/03/2020, companies 151 to 250 workers.
  • As of 07/03/2021, companies from 101 to 150 workers.
  • As of 07/03/2022, companies from 50 to 100 workers.

It shall also be mandatory in undertakings which have agreed to apply them in the applicable collective agreement or which the labour authority has agreed in a sanctioning procedure to replace an antic sanctions with its equality plan.

Importance of hiring an equality plan for your business

  • It is necessary to comply with the legislation and avoid sanctions.
  • Social measures to promote public procurement of companies responsible for equality have been strengthened, justifying the development of an Equality Plan.
  • It is a tool to improve working conditions, which increases the satisfaction of working people.
  • It establishes the organization’s commitment to society and its environment by improving its corporate social responsibility.

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Apply for Ayce Laborytax’s Business Equality Plan

With the entry into force of the new Royal Decree-Law 6/2019,which contains urgent measures to ensure equal treatment and opportunities in employment and occupation, all enterprises of more than 50 workers must have a
Business Equality Plan. Failure to do so will be regarded as a serious infringement, and companies will face an economic penalty of up to EUR 6,250.

The implementation of an Equality Plan is mandatory for all companies of more than 50 workers to comply with regulations and avoid sanctions.

in AYCE Laborytax is at your disposal to help you develop and implement an Equality Plan in companies of more than 50 workers, ensuring the implementation of all the necessary mechanisms to eliminate possible risks of sexual discrimination in your company, such as inequality between men and women.

We will develop an Equality Plan in compliance with Royal Decree 901/2020, which regulates the registration of Equality Plans of companies and establishes the mechanisms to be taken into account for their elaboration.

Guide to the development of equality plans in companies of the Spanish Ministry of Equality

Download Dossier – Equality Plan for Companies

What is a business equality plan?

Business equality plans are an orderly set of measures, adopted after a situation diagnosis, aimed at achieving equal treatment and opportunities between women and men in the enterprise to eliminate discrimination on the basis of sex, if any.

Characteristics of the equality plan

  • Collective-Integral: aims to positively influence not only the situation of women but the whole workforce.
  • Transversal: involves all areas of management of the organization.
  • Dynamic: It is progressive and undergoes constant changes.
  • Systematic-coherent: the ultimate objective (real equality) is achieved by the fulfilment of systematic objectives.
  • Flexible: it is tailor-made, depending on the needs and possibilities of the company.

After a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data obtained, general conclusions and possible areas of improvement will be established in which equal opportunities can be implemented in the company. These conclusions and proposals for improvement should be reflected in a report to facilitate their analysis.

Based on the information obtained from the diagnosis and the proposals made, the Equality Plan is developed.

Phases of the business equality plan


  • decision
  • communication
  • Definition of the team


  • Creating the team


  • planning
  • Collecting information
  • Analysis and submission of proposals


  • Preparation of the Equality Plan (Objectives, actions, recipients, timetable, necessary resources, indicators and evaluation techniques, monitoring…)


  • Execution of the planned actions
  • communication
  • Monitoring and control


  • Analysis of the results obtained
  • Recommendations for improvement


  • Communication, information and awareness to all people of the company about the organization’s commitment to equality and the actions projected and carried out.
  • Communication, information and external image, projecting the commitment to equal opportunities between women and men.


  • Monitoring actions throughout the development of the Plan

Why rely on AYCE for the implementation of an equality plan?

  1. At AYCE Laborytax we are fully committed to equal pay and work between men and women,and we have a large team of professionals specialized in labor law and working conditions, perfectly trained to carry out an Equality Plan in the best conditions.
  2. We have more than 35 years of experience conducting audits and implementing improvements in the performance and efficiency of companies.
  3. The Equality Plan is within the consulting process,it is not an isolated product or a mere process. This leads to improvements in the performance and efficiency of the business.
  4. For the professionalism and closeness of our consulting team in all kinds of sectors and sizes of company.
  5. Qualified and continuous legal advice. We will inform you at all times of any changes or legal changes that occur.
  6. Processing of Grants for Equality Plans.

How much does an Equality Plan cost?

There is no exact figure to say how much an Equality Plan costs,as the final price will depend on the following factors:

  • Staff training costs.
  • Costs arising from applied measures.
  • Costs for hiring professionals.

At AYCE Laborytax we will develop a customized budget to implement an Equality Plan in companies of more than 50 workers without obligation. Contact us!

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