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All companies, regardless of their size, must make the wageregistration, with a wage worker being the minimum to have this record

What is wage registration in companies?

The business wage register is a mandatory remuneration transparency measure,the main objective of which is to ensure equal wages between men and women within a company, in each professional group, professional category, level or position of equal value.

The salary register shall include wages, salary supplements and extra-industrial perceptions of the entire workforce, including both management and senior officials.

Implement pay registration in your business to comply with regulations

Since 8 March 2019, all companies have been required to make a remuneration record of their workers. However, its regulation as described below shall be enforceable from 14 April 2021, the date of entry into force of Royal Decree 902/2020 of 13 October.

Companies with legal representation of workers shall facilitate access to registration for workers throughthat representation, having the right to know the full content of the same.

In the absence of legal representation of workers, the information to be provided by the company shall be limited to the percentage differences between men and women that may exist in the average remuneration.

the registration of wages is fully mandatory and, if not carried out, a number of administrative and judicial actions may be initiated, as well as the corresponding economic sanctions for discrimination may be applied, which in the most serious cases may range from the 6,251 at 187,515 euros,according to the Law on Infringements and Sanctions in the Social Order (LISOS).

Wage registration services tailored to your business

At AYCE Laborytax we offer you a wage registration service adapted to the dimensions and activity of your company, with which you can comply with the regulations, as well as guarantee equal pay between workers of both sexes in your company.

We will conduct a gender pay record that will reflect the average wage values, including salary supplements and gender-disaggregated extra-annual perceptions.

To do this we will use the arithmetic mean and the median of what is actually perceived by each professional group, professional category, level, as well as any other applicable classification system, as established by the regulations.

The reference time period of the remuneration register shall be the calendar year, or where there is a substantial alteration in any of the elements that make up the register. At AYCE Laborytax we will make the corresponding modifications, in order to ensure compliance with the regulations and offer full transparency.

In addition, if your company has more than 50 workers, we will perform a mandatory

salary audit to comply with the Equality

Plan between men and women,with which we will obtain a diagnosis of the remuneration situation of the company.

Contract the Salary Audit service with AYCE LABORYTAX

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Gender pay record

If you need to make a gender pay record in your company, contact us without

obligation. We will record wages including the following gender disaggregated data:

  • Total annual salary.
  • Annual base salary.
  • Annual salary supplements.
  • Extraalarial perceptions.
  • Annual perceptions for overtime and complementary hours.

Each of this data from the business wage register will be broken down by gender, professional category, professional group and job.

Contact us and we will make the mandatory wage registration in your company to comply with current legislation and ensure equal pay between men and women.

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