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All our Commercial Advisors at your disposal

In AYCE LABORYTAX we offer commercial advisoryservices, with the aim of helping the constitution of a company from the moment before its creation, as well as facilitating the subsequent management of it.

As a commercial consultancy in Madrid,we will take care of advising you in commercial law or commercial law, a branch of law that refers to the relations between merchants or companies, as well as to the acts of commerce themselves.

Our commercial advisors will work to find the best solutions to any conflict arising from business activity, whether in the commercial or commercial field, or in the legal field.

What is commercial advice?

Commercial advice focuses on responding and offering solutions to everything related to the incorporation of companies, the realization of accounting entries, preparation and legalization of accounting books and the presentation of official accounts before the Mercantile Registry.

Having the help of an external commercial consultancy will allow you to comply with the administrative and legal obligations in your company, resolving any type of doubt related to commercial aspects.

In short, commercial advice gives you the necessary help to set up your company safely, solving all possible doubts and guiding you throughout this process.

Our Commercial Advisory Services

  • Continued advice of companies in commercial and corporate matters.
  • Specialized advice in Family Business.
  • Business restructuring operations.
  • Associations, Foundations and Cooperatives.
  • Bankruptcy law.
  • Planning and advice in relation to business, national and international structures.
  • Secretariat of the Board of Directors of the company.
  • Management of writings and commercial books.
  • Relationships between the company and its partners.

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Why do you need commercial advice?

If you need commercial advice for your company, at AYCE LABORYTAX we can and want to help you.

Help in the creation of companies

The commercial advisors of AYCE Laborytax will help you create your company from scratch, a complicated process in which you have to face a multitude of bureaucratic procedures of some complexity:

  • Choice of legal form.
  • Obtaining the corporate name.
  • Provisional NIF.
  • Registration in the Commercial Register
  • Registration in Official Bodies.

Advice in the legal field

Our commercial consultancy in Madrid offers advice in the legal field, and we will take care of commercial or commercial relations, as well as the legal consequences that may arise from them. In this way, we avoid judicial processes, sanctions and economic fines for the application of the Criminal Code.

Mediation in out-of-court proceedings

A commercial advisor will be in charge of mediating to avoid going to trial, reaching out-of-court settlements. It will act as an arbitration figure, allowing the resolution of problems without the need for judicial process.

Advice on investment options

One of the main functions of commercial advisors in Madrid is to advise and advise on investments and financing, looking for new perspectives and financing possibilities.

Legal-corporate acts, capital increase, merger, non-monetary contributions, etc.

Our commercial advice for companies offers advice on future corporate acts that involve the restructuring of the company, such as capital increases, non-monetary contributions, mergers or spin-outs, etc., assisting the company also in the application for the special regime applicable to the restructuring of companies contained in Chapter VII, Title VIIl of Law 27/2014 of November 27, 2014 on Corporation Tax.

Preparation of commercial studies

A commercial advisor will also help you in the preparation of commercial studies and reports, with the aim of guaranteeing compliance with commercial law regulations, detecting possible irregularities and offering the most appropriate solutions.

Liquidation and dissolution of companies

Likewise, a commercial consultancy will also help in the process of liquidation and dissolution of companies, guaranteeing compliance with obligations with suppliers and / or with the administration.

Your company in good hands with the commercial advice of AYCE LABORYTAX

In AYCE Laborytax we offer you all the commercial advisory services necessary for the good management of your company, comply with the legislation on commercial law, adapt your activities and commercial relations to current regulations, and help you in everything related to commercial or commercial law.

For this, we have professional and experienced commercial advisors, with extensive knowledge in commercial and legal law, and an excellent analytical capacity to offer the best commercial and management solutions and act effectively in solving problems.