Judgment of the Supreme Court: the corporate self-employed will not be able to reconcile 100% of their pension and continue working

2021-09-15T15:02:21+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 15/09/2021|7 minutos de lectura

The corporate self-employed is a controversial figure about which there are usually many doubts in commercial and legal terms, since both the operation and the quotation are different from that of other self-employed. Retirement, for

New measures of action against the false self-employed

2021-09-15T15:01:25+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 15/09/2021|7 minutos de lectura

The General Regulations on registration of companies and affiliation, registrations, cancellations and variations of data of Social Security workers, has been modified in order to guarantee the correct affiliation of workers in the corresponding Social

What is a fake freelancer and what are the consequences for your company if you hire him?

2021-09-15T15:00:49+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 15/09/2021|5 minutos de lectura

The Union of Professionals and Self-Employed Workers (UPTA) estimates that there are currently around 230,000 people working in a false self-employed situation. This figure represents 96% of economically dependent self-employed workers (TRADE). After this figure

This is the new increase in the quota of self-employed approved in the General State Budgets of 2018

2021-09-15T14:58:42+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 15/09/2021|5 minutos de lectura

After being approved last May, on July 5 the new General State Budgets 2018came into force, just one day after they were published by the Official State Gazette (BOE). Some PGE that will be the

All about the extension of the aid for cessation of activity for self-employed 2021

2021-06-05T10:21:04+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 05/06/2021|7 minutos de lectura

The cessation of activity aid for self-employed workers will remain in force at least until 30 September 2021. The national government has announced the extension of these aids, as well as those of the temporary

The main advantages of being a self-employed collaborator in 2019

2021-06-05T10:20:56+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 05/06/2021|5 minutos de lectura

With the aim of facilitating the hiring of family members by a company or a self-employed worker, the RETA (Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers) has the figure of the self-employed collaborator,which allows the hiring of

7 Notions about the contribution of the self-employed key to have the desired pension

2021-06-05T10:19:18+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 05/06/2021|5 minutos de lectura

It is a fact that the pension of self-employed workers is considerably lower than that of employees. The proof is that on average, a self-employed worker receives approximately 463 euros less pension than a person

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