Taxes October 2018: VAT declaration, withholdings and fractional payments of income and companies

2021-09-15T15:02:42+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 15/09/2021|5 minutos de lectura

Remember that next October ends the deadline to submit VAT, withholdings on account of Income and the fractional payment of Companies and Income, corresponding to the 3rd quarter of 2018. In the month of October

How does the new anti-fraud regulation affect cryptocurrencies in Spain?

2021-09-15T15:02:37+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 15/09/2021|7 minutos de lectura

The rise of cryptocurrencies in recent months has brought with it a series of measures and consequences to regulate their fiscal and legal context. Recently, the Congress of Deputies approved the Law on prevention against

Fiscal calendar for 2020: the guide for your company to comply with its obligations to the Treasury

2021-09-15T15:02:14+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 15/09/2021|9 minutos de lectura

Whether you are a self-employed worker or if you have your own company, from AYCE Laborytax we have prepared the fiscal calendar for 2020,with the aim that you can know the latest developments in taxation

Requirements to apply reductions in the donation of a family business

2021-09-15T15:01:44+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 15/09/2021|12 minutos de lectura

When the person on whom compliance with the requirements must be analyzed is the deceased, given that the reductions are applied on the date of the accrual of the Inheritance and Gift Tax (ISD); if

Here are the reasons why you’ll keep your tax drafts up to date

2021-09-15T15:01:25+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 15/09/2021|4 minutos de lectura

That all of us must contribute to the public coffers with the payment of our taxes, is not a secret to anyone. However, in the case of self-employed workers and companies, the number of taxes

Do you want to launch a business? Benefit from tax incentives for start-ups?

2021-09-15T15:01:17+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 15/09/2021|4 minutos de lectura

If you are evaluating the possibility of launching a business or, recently you decided to take the step and you have just created your own company, you should know that there are tax incentives that

Steps to claim the refund of the municipal capital gains tax, now classified as institutional

2021-09-15T15:01:01+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 15/09/2021|5 minutos de lectura

If you proceeded to the sale of a home or any other type of property during the last 4 years, for a lower price than you paid when you acquired it and, you paid the

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