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At AYCE Laborytax we offer you a personalized legal and legal advisory service,through which we will try to advise you and give you the guidelines to ensure compliance with all the rules, laws and regulations in your business.

All our legal and legal advisors at your disposal

AYCE’s advisors will offer direct support to the legal area of a company in a personalized way, informing, advising, carrying out all the necessary procedures and resolving the doubts related to any aspect of law and legality.

Why do you need a legal and legal advisor in your company?

The constant updating of regulations and laws make the legal and legal advice service for companies essential to avoid falling into breaches and receive sanctions, as well as achieve your objectives. At AYCE we can and want to advise you.

AYCE’s business legal and legal advisory services

At AYCE we offer you all the necessary services to fulfill all the legal advisory functions in a company:

  • Business legal advice.
  • Representation and defense before the courts of social jurisdiction.
  • Representation and defense before the S.M.A.C (Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service).
  • Collective and individual redundancies.
  • Claims.
  • sanctions.
  • Inspections.
  • Notices of Finance and Social Security.
  • Partner pacts.
  • Creation of family businesses.
  • Mergers of companies.

We are the solution for your business.

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Legal and Legal Advice for Companies

Aware that any business needs legal advice, at AYCE Laborytax we offer legal and legal advisory services for companies. We adapt to the needs of your business, accompany you on a day-to-day basis and advise you on everything related to legal issues that may affect the objectives of your company.

We offer the advice a company’s legal department needs.

Our objective is to ensure compliance with the functions of a company’s legaldepartment, in order to combat any threat or weakness in legality that may jeopardize the fulfillment of the objectives of your business, due to the constant change of Spanish legislation.

In addition, through our legal advice of companies we will try to take advantage of all the opportunities and strengths offered by the current legal situation.

Trust our legal advisors to bring your company’s legal issues

With AYCE Laborytax a company legal advisor will offer legal advice and resolve all issues related to the subordination of laws, seeking the right legal formula for the development of the economic activity of your business.

We are a legal consultan advice for companies and with a great experience in the business sector, composed of professionals specialized in legal advice to companies,who will accompany you in the day to day to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations.

We will analyze and study all the legal aspects of a company and advise and advise you to comply with all legal procedures that may affect your business.

What are the roles of a company’s legal and legal advisor?

The main functions of a legal advisor of companies is to ensure compliance with the legality in your business, offering personalized advice on all the legal aspects that you must take into account and that, out of without knowledge, you run the risk of breach and overlook.

He is a professional specialized in all branches of law and in advising companies, who will offer direct support to the legal area of a company,always with a close and personalized treatment that will transmit total confidence from the first moment.

Do I need a legal area if I am an SME or self-employed?

Legal advisory services for SMEs are totally necessary,since the activity of any company, regardless of its size and sector, is closely related to some matter of law.

With our business legal advice service you can be carefree about all the legal aspects of your business, ensuring compliance without having a legal department in your company, which will allow you to save resources and be much more effective.