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A tailor-made plan to ensure the visibility of your business.

Key features, what solution does it provide?

Having a feasibility plan in your business is essential to be able to evaluate the economic profitability of your project.

Why do you need Business Viability Plans?

Our team of specialized consultants will be with you indicating the best steps you have to take to make the results obtained always optimal.

What feasibility plans for your business include

  • Growth via acquisitions.
  • Business transformations.
  • Operational and financial restructurings.
  • Best Practices Report.
  • Advice to minimize the risks of the organization.

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Key features of business feasibility plans

Having a feasibility plan for companies is essential to evaluate the economic profitability of your business and ensure its viability.

Company feasibility plans are documents developed to plan, evaluate and control the most important aspects of the business, which include all the elements from the idea of the project itself, to the start-up of the company.

Although there is no specific business feasibility plan, the vast majority include the following sections:

  • Presentation of the project.
  • Market analysis.
  • Marketing and marketing plan.
  • Production plan and operations.
  • Organization plan and human resources (HR).
  • Investment and financing plan.
  • Economic and financial feasibility plan.
  • Start-up plan.

Contact AYCE Laborytax and we will design a feasibility plan tailored to the needs of your project.

Why do you need a business viability plan?

business feasibility plan will
allow you to organize and quantify the activities and resources of your project, so that you can be prevented against different scenarios that may appear, guaranteeing at all times the viability of your business.

A business plan is also an effective communication and marketing tool for your business project, which will help you in the search for partners, collaborators, investors, application for public or private aids, etc.

Our team of consultants specialized in business feasibility plans will be with you and accompany you at all times, indicating the best steps you must take to ensure that the results obtained are always optimal, based on the following aspects:

  • Product or service:

What product or service do you want to bring to the market?

  • market:

Which target audience will your products or services target?

  • Production process:

What is the manufacturing process and how much does it cost to produce it?

  • Human team:

What equipment is needed to ensure the operation of the project?

  • Company Location:

Where will the company be located?

  • Economic – Financial Plan:

What means of funding are needed and how are they obtained?

We guide you step by step from the development of the idea, to the analysis of economic and financial viability.

What do AYCE Laborytax business feasibility plans include?

At AYCE Laborytax we develop a plan to analyze the viability of your company and ensure good results in the future, through the following points:

  • Growth via acquisitions.
  • Business transformations.
  • Operational and financial restructurings.
  • Best Practices Report.
  • Advice to minimize the risks of the organization.

Ask for more information about the viability plan for your business

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