Estrategias para mejorar la relación con los clientes

The covid-19 crisis hashit entrepreneurs hard, who have been severely affected, having in many cases even ceased their business activity and shut down their businesses, with all the consequences that entails.

With the advent of “new normality” in Spain gradually the activity of companies is reviving, but the reality is that there is still much to go back to as we were before, as the Covid-19 has brought about a series of changes in our society that force us to change the way many entrepreneurs and freelancers act.

Aware of this, in this post we want to give you a series of tips to create strategies to improve your clients’ relationship with your company in the post coronavirus era,which will surely help you reactivate the activity and face the consequences of coronavirus, in the best possible way.

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How to improve your customers’ relationship with your company after coronavirus?

The Covid-19 has brought changes in people’s way of acting, and companies will need to adapt to these changes by looking for new ways to engage with their customers; because it is very likely that the modes used before confinement are now invalid.

Your company must reinvent itself when it comes to serving your customers,looking for strategies that will improve customers’ relationships with your company and increase their confidence. Otherwise, you will most likely be left behind, as no one will be indifferent to the new normality that we are going to encounter.

> Security measures

The biggest concern of customers will be security,as for a long time the risk of contagion will remain. Therefore, it is essential to extreme precautionary and security measures in your company, in order to convey to them that sense of security and trust that the customer will need.

It is important that you are able to offer a safe purchase process, with as little physical contact as possible, but without losing emotional contact. To achieve this you will find in the new technologies your best ally: charge without contact, install virtual testers, take the temperature remotely,… Etc.

> The need for the web

It has long been very important to improve the presence of our company or business on the internet – or create it in case we don’t have it – so, with the coronavirus, having a corporate website has become an almost absolute necessity. The goal is to offer customers our products or services from home, safely and without the need to move, and buy them safely online.

Online shops have been the big beneficiaries of coronavirus,as in some cases they have multiplied their sales since the Alarm State was decreed, because they allow users to continue shopping in a totally safe, comfortable and risk-free way, without leaving home.

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> Social engagement

Another point that customers will most notice from now on will be the company’s social commitment. It will therefore be key to develop a solidarity strategy in which to make clear our commitments and ensure the safety of both customers and workers.

Social engagement will add value to the company and will have a more positive rating from customers. Actions such as donations of material or participation in solidarity events or commitment to certain matters will improve your company’s commitment to society.

> Payment facilities

Coronavirus has caused many families to experience serious economic difficulties, so providing payment facilities to customers will be necessary to cope with the situation with maximum empathy and understanding.

Estrategias para mejorar la relación con los clientes



In short, Covid-19 has brought about many changes in the society in which we live, and so that your company can gradually return to normal, it is important to implement strategies that improve the relationship with your customers in the post coronavirus era.