Given the constant changes that occur in the tax field, they are increasingly plus the companies that bet on having an external tax expert,who is in charge of ensuring the well-being at the tax level, advising them, informing them and advising them when it comes to making the best decisions according to their interests.

In fact having the help of an external tax expert is increasingly important for companies,since it is a highly qualified figure as far as tax matters are concerned, who can help solve any problems that may arise, ensuring compliance with all the tax obligations.

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What is the role of a tax expert?

Experto tributario externo a tu empresa

When we talk about a tax expert we are referring to a person with extensive knowledge in the tax and tax field,whose main function is to inform companies about their obligations in terms of taxes, to ensure compliance and avoid problems.

Given the legislative complexity of the tax world, not having this figure can directly affect the amounts to be taxed,since if you do not have knowledge of the legislation and are not aware of all the developments, you run the risk of not complying with the relevant obligations.


A tax expert will advise and advise the entrepreneur when carrying out any relevant action in his entity, facilitating a study based on the circumstances of each business, with the aim of defending their main interests.

Advice on tax and tax matters

By having this figure in companies, you will receive permanent advice on tax and tax matters,detailing the most convenient in each case, so that you can get the maximum possible benefit, always complying with the law.

You’ll be able to focus on your work

With the help of a tax expert, you can focus exclusively on your work,which after all is the most important thing, and not have to waste time on other issues that can slow down the growth of the company, with the guarantee that they will be in the hands of a perfectly qualified professional. You will increase your productivity and it will mean a significant saving of time.

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Guarantee of filing your returns correctly, and on time

Experto tributario externo a tu empresa

When faced with obligations such as quarterly VAT returns, it is common for doubts to arise that may lead us to make mistakes.

This with the help of a tax expert is no longer a problem,as you will have the guarantee that all your returns will be made in the right way, trying to maximize your benefits as much as possible, and will be filed on time, avoiding any possible problems.

Representation before the Treasury

It will also offer you assistance and representation before the Treasury,in case you have to face an inspection, settlements, file an allegation, negotiate a deferment of payments, etc. It will act as a mediator, with the guarantee that it knows the legislation, and therefore, will be able to use the rules of defense most favorable to the interests of your company.


A tax expert has a role that goes beyond getting a company to pay less tax, since it guarantees compliance with all tax obligations,always within the tax laws, saves time for the entrepreneur, offers advice and information when making decisions, identifies business opportunities and many other things.

When hiring an external tax expert a company will enjoy multiple advantages, and in
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we put at your disposal a large team of tax advisors who will offer you a professional service, personalized and adjusted to your needs, in order to make the leap in quality that your company needs.