aprender a delegar tareas en tu empresa para impulsar su crecimiento

One of the keys to the growth of any business is to learn to delegate tasks,being one of the most important aspects and at the same time more complicated; as it is not always easy to relinquish responsibilities.

By delegating tasks and not having to do it all yourself, you can invest more time in aspects of your company that are more relevant and you will feel more relaxed and liberated. In addition, your employees will feel more valued when they take on certain tasks, and it will improve the organization of your company, which will boost its growth.

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Keys to delegate tasks without compromising the stability of your company

One of the main problems that entrepreneurs encounter when delegating tasks, is that they doubt whether or not the people who will execute these tasks will be able to do it correctly.

But without a doubt the delegation of tasks is fundamental to achieve greater productivity and boost the growth of a business. That’s why, next, we’re going to give you the keys to learn how to delegate tasks, trust others and improve your organization.

Claves para delegar tareas

1. Get rid of mental barriers

As we have mentioned, one of the main problems when delegating is that you do not trust at all in the people who could perform those tasks, so the first thing you should do is remove mental barriers and decide to take the step.

If you want your company to grow you need to delegate, and if you think they are complex tasks, spend time training a person who is responsible for performing them. It will be time that you will be investing in your business, and that in the long run will offer you multiple benefits.

2. Set which tasks you can delegate

Obviously it is not about delegating all your tasks, since there are some that you do or do have to perform yourself.

Therefore we recommend that you establish which tasks you can delegate, and how much approximate time it would take to perform each of them. This will help you know if you need to hire a person to specifically take care of them, or if on the contrary you can distribute them among different employees.

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Claves para delegar tareas

3. Define the goals associated with the tasks

It is important that when delegating tasks, you delegate goals aimed at obtaining results,as this will be key to improving the organization.

It is not the same to have to make invoices, than to have to make 15 invoices per week. Therefore, if the tasks are associated with specific goals, it will improve both the organization and the productivity of the company.

4. Define a profile for each task

To avoid failures, we recommend that you define a profile for the performance of each task,since this will help you achieve good results for your company.

The profile of the person who will be in charge of each task will depend on the goals you intend to achieve,as well as the complexity and skills necessary for its realization.

If for example you need a person to help you with billing, it should be a person with extensive knowledge in accounting and computer programs such as Excel.

Claves para delegar tareas

5. Measure results each week

To check if task delegation is working, you’ll needto measure the results weekly, so that if it’s not, you can look for solutions before it’s too late.

In this way you will be able to see how the tasks progress and the results obtained,implementing improvement actions if necessary, carrying them out every week. It is also important that these actions are firm and complied with, otherwise they will serve no purpose.

6. Recognize the work of employees

Once you have delegated tasks, you must recognize the work of the employees responsible for their realization,since in this way they will feel more valued, they will want to continue improving and you will increase their competitiveness. There is nothing more satisfying than receiving recognition for a task well done.

Also, if the outcome of the tasks is not as expected you should also let them know,informing the employee of what they are doing wrong and how they could improve those results.



Delegating tasks helps you to focus your time and work on other issues more relevant to the company, and that your employees feel valued and motivated, driving the growth of your business.