Big Data para crecimiento de la empresa

It is very likely that in recent times you have heard about Big Data,and how useful it is to boost the growth of companies,but you have some doubts about it, since you do not know quite well what this big data consists of.

If so, then we will try to solve all the possible doubts you may have about Big Data,since according to experts, it is something essential to handle information in today’s business world. Notes.

What is Big Data?

Big Data refers to a concept that deals with large volumes of data,whether structured or raw, which cannot be processed or studied by conventional analysis instruments.

It is a technology that is gradually transforming our lives, and that directly affects companies, allowing them to optimize the accumulation of data with strategic orientation in a very effective way.

We could say that Big Data allows companies to store and interpret a huge amount of data,never seen before, which will bring an endless number of benefits to take into account, especially for those companies that are growing.

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Aware of its profitability, more and more companies have begun to pay attention to Big Data, given that today, companies handle a much higher amount of information than in years ago.

And we could say that what Big Data does is develop an internal examination that offers solutions that allow us to improve both the services and the strategies of small, medium and large companies. For every company, taking advantage of the information they handle will help them understand the market and improve their strategies.

So far, departments related to marketing, sales, logistics and security are the ones that have taken the most advantage of Big Data.

The best thing about Big Data, is that it is a fully accessible resource for any type of company.

How does Big Data help companies grow?


Using data to generate new revenue streams

Big Data offers companies the possibility of knowing a greater amount of data of their customers,which allows them to identify those high-value customers, who are able to be interested in their products or services.

At a time when competition between companies is experiencing its greatest boom, aspects such as customer knowledge and loyalty are key to differentiate themselves, and therefore, to achieve success.

We must start from the basis that today all companies handle large amounts of data,so knowing how to combine them will be essential for customers, who are increasingly smarter, better informed and seek better care.

Increased operational efficiency

Currently, the vast majority of decisions that companies must make are based on data,which have to be contrasted, something that big data can help enormously.

the decision making using Big Data by companies is based on the concept of Data Analytics, which we could say is a process that is based on obtaining, transforming and modeling data, with the aim of having different patterns of behavior that facilitate decision-making.

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Data Analytics uses methodologies and techniques such as data mining, business intelligence, neural networks,etc. A series of methodologies increasingly applied in all types of sectors, given the good results they offer.

Fraud and risk prevention

Big Data will also help prevent fraud and risks within companies,such as environmental safety, failure prediction or predictive maintenance.

It is increasingly present in the main organizations of companies,which seek the best formulas to use data in the most appropriate way, and thus be more efficient, loyalty customers, prevent failures, errors, fraud, etc.

Identify new opportunities

Especially small and medium-sized companies find in Big Data an option to take into account in order to look for new business areas,which allow them to obtain a higher performance. By obtaining customer data, they will be able to analyze it carefully and know which products will generate the most interests for them.


Times change, and companies must also do so if they do not want to be left behind, with Big Data being one of the aspects to which they must pay more attention.

Through Big Data companies will be able to manage a huge amount of data in a much more effective way, which will translate into benefits, results and greater growth.