externalizar la contabilidad de tu empresa

The management of accounting is one of the most important functions for every company,it requires a great dedication regardless of the size of the company itself. This leads many companies, especially the larger ones, to choose to outsource accounting,as well as tax advice,in order to avoid mistakes and increase their productivity, being able to devote more time to other tasks.

In large companies it is very common, but in the case of SMEs they are still somewhat reluctant to outsource accounting,either because they save the expense of an accounting consultancy or because they do not feel the necessary confidence.

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If this is your case, below we will tell you the main benefits of outsourcing the accounting of your company that will end up convincing you.

Reasons why outsourcing your company’s accounting is a good option

externalizar la contabilidad de tu empresa

Time saving

When in your company you do not have a department in charge of managing accounting, you are forced to dedicate time to carry out this function,which you could dedicate to other tasks in which you are more productive, maintaining the concentration on the main activity of the company.

If you choose to leave your accounting in the hands of a company or specialized external consultancy, you will be freed from this task in its entirety, which will allow you to increase your productivity and ensure that you will meet all the deadlines set.

Cost savings

Although you think that outsourcing the accounting of your company will be an important expense, the truth is that it has been shown that it is much cheaper to outsource this task, than having to hire an employee or pay overtime.

And if instead you decide to take care of yourself, you must keep in mind that all the time you invest in this task, is time that you are not devoting to other efforts, which means that you are also losing money.

With outsourcing you will enjoy a more economical, flexible and reliable management of accounting,reducing the fixed costs of the company, since they will become variable.

Error reduction

When you are not an expert in accounting, it is very likely that you will make some mistake that could put at risk the economic stability of your company,and that later you will have to correct, with the economic expense that this entails. In addition, these errors could affect employees or lead to significant financial penalties.

By outsourcing accounting to a specialized company you ensure proper management,avoiding any possible errors, which translates into greater peace of mind. Keep in mind that accounting consultancies are constantly updated and know all the legal developments in accounting, having a large team of professionals behind them.

Prevention of unforeseen events

It should also be noted that by having the services of an external company specialized in the management of accounting, you will be warned against possible unforeseen events that may arise,acting in a fast and effective way to solve them as soon as possible and avoid major damages.

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How to manage the outsourcing of your company’s accounting?

externalizar la contabilidad de tu empresa


If you have finally decided to outsource the accounting of your company to a consultancy or specialized company, the ideal would be that you design an action plan that facilitates the transition and helps you obtain the best results, based on the following points:

  1. communication:

Maintaining clear and direct communication is essential to carry out a correct management of the accounting of your company. In this way the external company will be able to know all the important data, you will avoid that duplicate works are carried out, you will promote the coordination of efforts and you will be warned against possible confusions.

  1. quality:

It is important that the change in accounting management does not cause quality problems or put the company’s accounting at risk, and for this we must prioritize the constructive resolution of issues related to the quality of information and processes.

  1. Roles:

It is important to be clear about the roles and responsibility that each person will play in the management of accounting as soon as possible, since this way it will be easier to obtain the best results.

Finally, it should be borne in mind that the outsourcing of accounting can be complete or partial. In the latter case, the distribution of tasks will be very important, being necessary to choose professionals from the company who are competent and perfectly prepared to perform this task.



One of the best decisions to increase the productivity of your company is to outsource accounting, leaving it in the hands of a company or specialized consultancy. This way, you’ll be able to spend time on the main task of your business, saving time and making sure you don’t make mistakes.

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