Gestionar los excedentes de tesorería en tu empresa

Undoubtedly the management of the treasury is one of the most important aspects for the viability of a company,being fundamental to properly manage any action related to monetary flows. Poor management of the treasury could lead to insufficient funding.

And within the treasury management, special emphasis must be placed on surplus cash, producedby tips or surplus liquidity, which must be managed in the appropriate manner.

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What are surplus treasury?

the Treasury surpluses are transitional liquidity points that can occur in a company at a given time, which must be correctly identified and managed, given the high opportunity cost of maintaining idle money within a company, without alternative use to generate a certain return.

It should be noted that the treasury of a company is financed by the own resources of shareholders and shareholders, or through external resources, for which interest must be paid.

This makes the opportunity cost of having idle money to cope with potential contingencies too high.

And here comes the million-dollar question: how to manage surplus cash?

Guidelines for managing a company’s surplus treasury

The management of surplus cash willvary by company, as in some cases it will be invested in safe assets with minimal profitability, while in others they will be used to finance new investments or acquisitions by the company.

Aware that there may be doubts about this, from AYCE Laborytax we will give a series of ideas to manage surplus treasury and make the most of them.

> Increase reserve endowment


Having a legal reservation is mandatory for companies, but there are also statutory and voluntary reservations that depend on the policy of each company.

Although the provision of these reserves will not have a direct impact on the development or growth of the business, they will help to heal the company’s balancesheet, helping to overcome possible difficulties that appear in the future.

Gestionar los excedentes de tesorería en tu empresa


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> Investor remuneration

The goal of any company is to grow over time, but it must be taken into account that there are external investors who have invested in our business in order to make a profit in the future.

That said, a good idea is to use surplus cash to remunerate external investors,to make them feel satisfied and prevent them from withdrawing invested capital.

> Distributing wealth

One option is to distribute dividends among shareholders and/or capitalistpartners, so that they recover the return on their investment, and another is to give bonuses to employees,thus rated their good work done.

> Debt reduction

Having no debt is one of the main objectives of companies, so it may be beneficial to use the surplus treasury to repay a debt or part of it in advance,thus enjoying significant financial savings, since it would avoid paying the corresponding interest.

> Business expansion

If excess treasury is being managed correctly and maintained over time, one possibility is to use the surplus to expand the business and grow the company,opening up new lines of business.

> Portfolio investments

Since investments in equipment goods may take too long, a good idea is to invest the surplus in financial instruments,such as an investment fund, fixed-term deposits or shares of other companies,in order to benefit from the interest they generate.



Knowing how to manage the surplus treasury of companies is fundamental to the viability of the company itself, being important to know methods that allow to invest this surplus to make the maximum profitability possible.