motivar a tu equipo en tiempos de crisis

With coronavirus, one of the concerns of many entrepreneurs is to keep their workers motivated,so they can continue working from home.

Due to the lack of habit, working from home can lead to demotion and even anxiety in workers, given the need to adapt to a new work routine in which lack of contact with colleagues and distance can negatively affect.

Therefore, it is important to take steps to motivate your team in times of crisis, since there are different studies that show that a motivated worker is much more productive than an unmotivated one, and the same goes for feelings with the company.

Aware of this, we want to tell you how to motivate your team for the duration of the coronavirus crisis we are in. Pay attention and take note:

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Tips to motivate your team during the coronavirus crisis

1. Increase the sense of belonging and identity

To motivate your team it is important to work to increase the feeling of belonging and identity with the company,this being one of the main challenges of the Human Resources department.

It is important to make each worker see the importance it has within the company,and how the functions it performs directly affect the success of the company, as well as its relationship with customers.

2. Maintain communication

One of the things that affects workers’ motivation is distance and lack of contact with other colleagues, so it is it is essential to maintain communication between employees,in order to promote the good working environment, since in this way – even if they are separated – they will be able to maintain contact and resolve possible doubts in a more effective way.

Communication is also very important to avoid employee confusion and misunderstandings,as this way they will feel that they are heard and that they are more integrated into the day-to-day life of the company.

motivar a tu equipo en tiempos de crisis

3. The importance of feedback

the feedback is always important, but in times of crisis even more. In the situation we are in, it is important that the leaders of the company take part in their day to track the workers, both to recognize their achievements and to be able to analyze the work together; and thus be able to detect possible points to be improved.

That a employee feels valued and recognized for their work, it is key to their motivation. That is why smooth communication between leaders and employees must be ensured, as this will promote motivation; but it will also help them enjoy their daily work more and organize better within the company.

4. Reward creative work

Another important point is to reward and recognize the creative work of employees,as this will make them more motivated to continue working and propose new ideas.

A good idea would be to brainstorming sessions during video calls, involving different employees of the company, which will allow to put into common different ideas to carry out within the company some improvement, which will allow workers to feel valued and listened to with their contributions. However, it is important to carry them out.

5. Promoting conciliation and rest

Finally, even though workers are teleworking and s spent much of the day at home, it is highly recommended encourage family reconciliation and rest, aswith remote work there are many employees who do not disconnect and do not manage to rest properly.

Since home is now the office, it is essential that companies take more account of workers’ conciliation and rest needs,being careful when delegating tasks and respecting work schedules.

motivar a tu equipo en tiempos de crisis


Apply these measures to your company and you’ll be able to motivate your team in times of crisis by coronavirus. We guarantee that you will feel much more satisfied, which will result in higher performance and productivity.