With the aim of expanding, being more competitive, covering a higher market level and growing at the business level, more and more Spanish companies are betting on the export of their products. In fact, in 2015 there was a record export record in Spain, with figures totaling 33% of GDP.

Beyond the benefits of exporting, one of the keys to its success in recent years is that in Spain there is a wide range of export subsidies andaid, by different institutions and public bodies belonging to both the central administration and the governments of the Autonomous Communities.

Without a doubt, it is a good time to export, and from AYCE Laborytax we will review the main subsidies and export aids in Spain available to your company in 2021. If you’re rating the export, take note because you’re interested in this.

Export subsidies and aid in Spain that you are interested to know

Export aid in Spain from national support institutions

The main export subsidies by the Central Administration come from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness,and more specifically, through the Secretariat of State for Trade, the Institute of Official Credit (ICO) and the Industrial Technological Development Centre (CDTI).

The Secretary of State for Trade manages export aid through its four dependent agencies:

  • ICEX (Spain Export and Investments): a body that promotes the internationalization of the Spanish company and that develops its functions with territorial and external networks. It offers personalized advice for 24 months and financing up to 50%, with a maximum of 12,400 euros, of the expenses associated with market prospecting, foreign promotion and recruitment of specialized personnel.
  • COFIDES (Spanish Development Finance Company): support agency for investment projects abroad.
  • Spain Expansion Exterior :a body that offers advice in the commercial and financial field for large projects.
  • CESCE: a body that covers the risks of internationalization through the State. It is an alternative funding route for SMEs that decide to export and face an internationalization process.

On the other hand, we also want to highlight ENISA (National Innovation Company), which depends on the Ministry of Industrial, Energy and Tourism, and which offers funding to innovative projects of international expansion of young entrepreneurs (up to 40 years). The credit is 25,000 euros, with a maximum of 75,000, without the need for guarantees.

Chamber of Commerce export aid

The Chamber of Commerce currently has three export aid programmes for Spanish companies,supported and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

  • Xpande– offers advice and development of methodology that maximizes the chances of success in international markets.
  • Xpande Digital: help service aimed at enhancing digital marketing and improving the company’s positioning in international markets.
  • PIP: the International Promotion Programme facilitates companies’ access to fairs, trade missions, business meetings, etc. All costs incurred are borne by the ERDF.

European Union export aid

The European Union has the SME Instrument subprogrammefor companies in the R&D&I sector. Within the European programme “Horizon 2020”, this body has been operating since 2014, and has a total endowment of 76.880 million euros.

Export subsidies from the Autonomous Communities

There are also different public bodies aimed at the external promotion of enterprises in the Autonomous Communities,which have different support programmes and services, complementary to those already offered by ICEX. Check out the self-economic institutions guide and discover the export aids available in your community.

In addition, beyond the Chamber of Commerce, sectoral associations and federations of exporters, and the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE), also have systems to support exporting companies.

In short, if you are thinking of exporting, there are a lot of subsidies and export aids in Spain available to your company that you should not waste. And if you want to receive advice and professional help, at AYCE we take care of the search for export aids through our international consultancy. If you are determined to internationalize your company and export, please contact us.

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