Gestión de tu negocio en verano

Whether you are a self-employed worker or if you have your own SME, surely this summer you would like to take a break and enjoy a few days of vacation that allow you to disconnect from the daily routine.

The problem is that you can not always afford to park the activity of your business in the middle of summer, with all that that entails.

In AYCE Laborytax we are aware of this situation and we want to help you, giving you some practical tips that will allow you
to enhance the management of your business in summer,
and also its profitability.

How to get an improvement in the management of your business in summer?

1 – Analysis of the accounting of your business

If you want the management of your business in summer does not suffer If you decide to take a few days of vacation, the first thing you should do is an analysis of the accounting of your business, since this study will be what will help you decide if you are in a position to go on vacation or not.

There are many businesses that during the summer season need greater productivity,but there are also others in which the opposite happens, and during the summer they are in low season,which obviously makes it easier for them to close their doors.

During the analysis, pay special attention to the accounting data of the previous summers.

In case the expenses had exceeded the income, not only could you consider the possibility of ceasing the activity for holidays, but it would be highly recommended.

2 – Plan


Are you really determined to go on vacation during the summer?

In this case, it is essential that you plan correctly and that you try to advance as many tasks as possible.

In this way, you will not run the risk of leaving with a high workload generating pre-holiday stress.

In addition, you will leave everything tied, your customers will be totally satisfied, and you will be able to return to activity with much more strength.

3 – Delegate tasks

In different posts, we have stressed the importance of delegating tasks to qualified employees and other colleagues in your team. Otherwise, by trying to leave everything done before the holidays, you could run the risk of suffering from an overload of work.

Delegating tasks will not only allow you to be more liberated and execute the pending tasks within the established deadlines, but it will also increase the feeling of confidence on the part of your employees.

4 – Inform your customers

To avoid surprises among your customers and that the management of your business in summer is not resented, we recommend that you inform them well in advance of the date on which you will go on vacation.

The same happens if you do not go on vacation, but if you decide to reduce the opening hours and / or attention to the public.

Well in advance we do not mean that you notify a few days before, but that you do it at least one or two weeks in advance.

To do this, the most effective thing is to send an informative e-mail to all your customers, include an automatic notification in your email, as well as inform of your holidays on the website and in your social media profiles.

5 – Summer promotions

It’s okay to take a few days off, but we imagine that you won’t cease your activity throughout the summer.

In that case, to try to take profitability from the summer season and that turnover does not decline,we recommend that you bet on summer promotions, since they are shown as a real reef when it comes to capturing the attention of the public, encouraging them to buy your products or hire your services.

This will help you to increase your income over a period of time, and you can consider the holidays in another way.

6 – Get trained


If the activity in your company declines during the summer, do not sit idly by and take advantage of that period with less workload to train and continue improving in those aspects in which you falter.

Summer may be the best time to take that training course that you have not been able to take due to the high workload during the rest of the year.

7 – Improve engagement

Another recommended tip to enhance the management of your business in summer is to take advantage of this period in which a large part of your customers are also on vacation, to interact with them and try to improve the engagement of your company. You can do this regardless of whether or not you go on vacation.


In short, if this summer you have proposed to go on vacation and you do not want your business to suffer, take note of the advice we have just provided; because they will help you maintain the good management of your business in summer.