Asesoría de empresas 2.0

Advances in technology and digital transformation have led to different changes in the culture and way of acting of business advisors, leading to the emergence of what is known as advice 2.0,which is characterized by offering a service in which everything revolves around the client, with the aim of knowing the particularities and needs of each business, in addition to acting in a more effective way.

The needs of companies and businesses have changed in recent years,and consultancies have had to reinvent themselves to adapt to those changes and continue to offer a quality service. This is where consulting 2.0 comes in. Next, we will tell you everything you need to know, and why it will benefit the management of your company.

What is a 2.0 consultancy?

Asesoría de empresas 2.0

Technological advances have meant that practically all areas of the day-to-day of a company have been modified, having to make available to customers the possibility of operating online, through applications and / or platforms based on the storage of data in the cloud.

These changes have led to the emergence of consultancies 2.0, which base their strategies of advice to the client, through technological resources available from companies, to be able to offer a better service, based on proximity and direct treatment with the client.

To achieve this, the consultancies must have workers with different profiles than those they had been hiring. New profiles specialized in new technologies and with digital skills, which can help companies in their management and operation, and carry out the necessary evolution to achieve the objectives set.

This means that accounting, tax and labour management is no longer sufficient for consultancies, but must also adapt to the new needs marked by an increasingly technological market; avoiding the loss of clients to competition that is already adapted to new technologies.

Whether hiring new profiles or getting current workers to adapt to the new times, a consultancy must become a 2.0 consultancy,since it is the only way to reach new clients, keeping the current ones and without falling behind the main competitors.

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Advantages of consulting 2.0 for the management of your company

Asesoría de empresas 2.0

Through technology, a 2.0 consultancy will be able to have a more complete view of business and perform a much deeper analysis of companies, which will translate into a better service, faster and more effective.

With the arrival of consultancies 2.0 and thanks to technology, you can now better understand the characteristics and particularities of each client,carrying out a comprehensive and quality management of the business, which will help to achieve the objectives set and to carry out a better organization.

One of the best allies of consultancies 2.0 are cloud-based management programs,which allow to carry out a fiscal, labor and accounting management much faster and more effective.

Therefore, this is one of the main advantages of consulting 2.0, since with cloud storage software, the advisor can comfortably access the data of their clients without having to move, thus carrying out a much more effective and real-time management.

Online billing

When talking about cloud management software, we have to highlight the possibility of also taking online billing. This is one of the most outstanding advantages of consulting 2.0, since the management of invoices – until now – had been one of the most tedious processes and to which more hours had to be devoted by advisors.

Now, by having all invoices stored in the cloud and being able to access them at any time, billing management is much simpler, faster and more efficient; and consequently, the fiscal and accounting management of each customer.

This time saving allows you to maintain a much more direct relationship with customers,something that was previously more difficult to achieve. In this way, better advice is offered, managing to solve doubts or problems with greater solvency and instantaneity.


In short, the 2.0 consultancy emerges as a consultancy that takes advantage of new technologies to offer a better service to its clients, reducing time and increasing effectiveness; managing to maintain a much more direct treatment of the client; which implies knowledge of the needs and particulars of each business.