Trabajadores autónomos obligados a hacer trámites de la Seguridad Social por vía electrónica

On March 1, 2018, the Ministerial Order ESS/214/2018,which establishes that from next October 1, 2018, the
self-employed workers
will be obliged to carry out all the procedures with the Social Security by electronic means,being an indispensable requirement for this to register in the Electronic Data Remission System (RED System).

From that date, any type of procedure that affects the activity as a self-employed worker (registrations, cancellations, notifications, collection of fees, etc.) must be formalized via telematics, either through a computer, a mobile phone or any other device with an Internet connection.

The period from the publication of Ministerial Order ESS/214/2018 until its entry into force is 6 months,time that the self-employed will have to adapt to this new measure and prepare for the completion of Social Security procedures electronically.

Which workers will have to process the procedures with the Social Security via telematics?


All those self-employed workers incorporated into the Special Social Security Regime for Self-Employed Workers (RETA), as well as workers in the Special System for Agricultural Workers (SETA) and workers in Group I of the Special Regime for Sea Workers (RETM), will have to process the procedures with the Social Security via telematics.

To do this, it will be necessary to join the RED system or through the Electronic Office of the Social Security (SEDESS).

The groups of self-employed workers that are exempt from this new regulation are the following:

  • Bullfighting professionals.
  • Workers of Groups II and III of the Special Regime for Sea Workers.
  • Professionals incorporated into the Domestic Employees System.

Where are the procedures carried out with the Social Security?

The new Ministerial Order ESS/214/2018 gives the option to the self-employed to carry out the procedures with the Social Security through the RED system or the Electronic Office of the Social Security.

RED System


The first, the RED System, is the most recommended for those self-employed workers who have a tax advisor in charge of processing all the procedures with the Social Security.

The advisor himself may be in charge of making the affiliation,as well as all subsequent procedures, acting on behalf of the self-employed worker.

To do this, it will be necessary to appear at the General Treasury of the Social Security accompanied by a photocopy ofthe DNI, all the documentation that certifies the situation as a self-employed worker in the Social Security, as well as an application to access the system.

Electronic Office of the Social Security


In case of not having an advisor, another option is to register in the
Electronic Office of the Social Security,
so that it is the self-employed worker himself who manages his procedures electronically, having to sign and confirm all the proceedings.

To be able to carry out any bureaucratic procedure in the SEDESS it will be an essential requirement that the self-employed person can identify himself by means of a certification of his person,either with the PIN key, the electronic certificate or the electronic DNI.

  • PIN key:This key can be obtained comfortably and easily, using the data contained in the DNI. The negative note of the PIN Key is that, although it allows access to different telematic services, it does not give the possibility of accessing the management of consultation services or signing telematic notifications.
  • Electronic certificate:It is the most used, because it can be issued by different organizations, being the One of the National Mint and Stamp the most common. To obtain it, it is necessary to carry out different actions before undertaking the registration,through the website of the chosen body, and then confirm the data in the Social Security. Once this is done, a file is obtained that allows certifying the identity of the worker, which allows the signing of electronic documents, as well as any bureaucratic management.
  • Electronic DNI: Very effective, since it offers the same options as the electronic certificate. However, its main drawback is that for its use it is necessary to have a DNI chip reader.

Why has the digitalization of the procedures of the self-employed become mandatory?


Times change for everyone, including institutions, which have already been digitizing all their processes for some time, with the aim of facilitating the management and increasing the effectiveness of any type of procedure that has to be carried out.

In the meantime it is expected that the role will disappear, as well as the need to appear at the headquarters of these institutions. For this, measures such as the digitalization of the procedures of self-employed workers are absolutely necessary.



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