Sectores para emprender en tiempos de coronavirus

The consequences of coronavirus have severely affected many sectors and businesses, which have been unable to survive this situation and have been forced to close their doors with the new “normality”.

But at the same time, this complicated situation has benefited other sectors,which have emerged or seen their demand make them ‘climb like foam’, to which entrepreneurs are already attentive.

In fact, if your business or company has suffered the consequences of coronavirus, it can be a good time to undertake or give it a radical change.

Far from falling into negativism, we must seek new opportunities. That is why, from AYCE Laborytax we want to show you some of the sectors to undertake during this new normal and that are recommended by the experts.

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The best sectors to undertake in the new normal

> Creating websites

Coronavirus, and especially confinement, have made many companies realize the need for digitization of their businesses and a website that allows them to continue offering their services to customers.

This means that in the coming times the creation of web pages will be booming,and those companies that offer web creation, SEO positioning or web design services are going to have a very good time.

> Online marketing

Holding the hand of the previous one, online marketing is going to be a good sector to undertake in the new normal. Companies have realized the importance of having an internet presence through their website, but they have also seen how important digital marketing is to make themselves known and try to reach more people and generate new customers.

Online marketing has long been a necessity for businesses, but in the face of the new landscape ahead, companies and online marketing agencies are going to live one of their best moments.

> Gourmet home food

One of the sectors that have benefited most from confinement is that of home-cooked food,since, in the face of the impossibility of leaving home, the option to enjoy the food of restaurants at home has grown enormously, and few people have been able to resist.

And since consumers are increasingly demanding, Gourmet home-cooked food can be a good ideato undertake, as it would elevate home delivery to a second level, offering the opportunity to consume more elaborate and quality food, from prestigious restaurants in cities, but without leaving home. In fact, this is one of the formulas that are already applying the best restaurants in Spain.

> Local production of sanitary products

The sale of sanitary products has grown enormously in recent months, and as we have seen, the feeling of belonging to our country, has made us always put local products before foreigners,with the aim of helping the economy of our neighbors.

This feeling will remain, also in the need to buy sanitary products; therefore, undertaking in the local production of sanitary products can bea very good idea, mainly in the face of the shortage of local supply that exists today, which offers a great business opportunity.

> Disinfection of common areas

Another safe bet when undertaking is to do so in disinfection services of common areas,since the disinfection of such places has come to stay, and for many years it will be a totally common technique, in addition to necessary.

This will increase the demand for disinfection companies enormously, beingone of the sectors to undertake with greater profitability and future.

> Digitization company

We have already talked about the importance of digitizing business, but we have overlooked the difficulty and heaviness of this process. This will cause digitization companies to be in high demandto be responsible for digitizing companies; especially those that store a lot of documentation.

The best option to face a digitization process is a specializedcompany, which has the necessary means to carry it out.

> Smart lockers

With the confinement online shopping has experienced its particular boom, and consequently also the delivery agencies. And during this time the role of smart lockershas been greatly valued, which allow delivery agencies to leave an order safely, and that the user can pick it up when it suits them best.

The problem is that there are few, so smart lockers are another sector to undertake in the new normal,as it is an option that more and more users are welcoming when placing their orders.

Sectores para emprender en tiempos de coronavirus


These are some of the best sectors to undertake in the new normal, with which you will be able to take advantage of a situation that has affected many businesses, but that has benefited others. The important thing is not to stop to lament and always look to the future with positivism and analyzing business opportunities. Perhaps, with some of these ideas, undertaking is much easier.