Claves para desconectar del trabajo en vacaciones

The vast majority of workers are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the summer holidays to enjoy a few days of disconnection accompanied by their own, but things change when you are an employer, because disconnecting from work on vacation can be a really complicated task.

And it is that, many entrepreneurs go on vacation more out of obligation than out of necessity,which means that they do not get to disconnect at any time from work, staying glued to the mobile phone or laptop, to be aware of the business and any unforeseen events that may occur.

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This is a real problem, since not resting properly during the holidays has a negative impact throughout the year; since it is not possible to release the high burden of stress generated by the responsibility of being in charge of a project or a company.

If you feel identified, take note of the 8 keys we give you to disconnect from work on vacation,charge your batteries and really enjoy them.

Tips for disconnecting from work on vacation

Claves para desconectar del trabajo en vacaciones

1 – Disconnect your phone from work

If you have a specific phone for work, disconnect it while you’re on vacation. It’s a bit of a ‘drastic’ measure, but it’s the only way to make sure you won’t be aware at all times of what happens in the company. You’ll have time to reconnect when you re-join…

If on the other hand you use your personal phone, we recommend you to mute, and even leave (temporarily) Whatsapp groups with co-workers,as well as uninstall email applications or that may complicate your disconnection.

Think that if something really important happens, they won’t hesitate to call you directly.

2 – Try to leave it all done

It is important that before you go on vacation you try to leave everything done and close your pending tasks, as far as possible. If you leave something unfinished, it will be much more difficult to disconnect, since your mind will not stop being aware of those things to do.

Therefore, take advantage of the last week before your vacation and finish any task you have pending.

3 – Delegate to your peers

Claves para desconectar del trabajo en vacaciones

Think that your employees are also colleagues, in whom you must have your trust, and therefore they are highly qualified to be able to face some of your main tasks while you are on vacation.

Learn to delegate tasks to colleagues who are perfectly qualified for them,and so you can completely disengage yourself during your vacation period. Leaving a person you trust in charge of unforeseen events is a guarantee of peace of mind.

4 – Do what you really like

Many times it is difficult to disconnect because we go on vacation to a place that weare not passionate about, which makes us look for distractions. So that this does not happen, you must plan your vacation based on what you really like, and take the opportunity to visit those places you have always dreamed of, perform activities that you really like, enjoy your hobbies,… Etc.

If during the holidays you do what you like, it will be much easier to disconnect and not be aware of the work.

5 – Practice physical exercise

Claves para desconectar del trabajo en vacaciones

Practicing physical exercise will help you stay focused on the activity you’re doing,and you’ll find it much easier to forget about everything else.

In addition, physical exercise stimulates psychological and physiological processes,and improves both physical and mental health, finding yourself much better inside and out.

6 – Rest

Being well rested is essential to disconnect from work on vacation,since in this way you will have more vitality and you will take advantage of the days more, and better.

But beware, by rest we do not mean to spend all morning sleeping. In fact, this is a mistake, because if you sleep too much you can have the feeling of being wasted a time that you could dedicate to work.

7 – Enjoy your family

Claves para desconectar del trabajo en vacaciones

The life of the entrepreneur is very busy and usually leaves little time for the family. So during the holidays focus on enjoying the family,taking advantage of as much time as possible to do all those things you can not do throughout the year.

8 – Do not extend your vacation

If you are a person who really has a hard time disconnecting from holiday work, do not extend your vacation excessively,otherwise you will feel more overwhelmed in front of all the days ahead of you until you return to work.

A short but intense holiday is better thana long holiday where you can’t get your job out of your head.



In short, it is true that disconnecting from work on vacation can be complicated if you are an entrepreneur, but if you apply these 8 tips, we assure you that it will be much easier to enjoy and disconnect completely.