Consulting has always played a very important role, but with the coronavirus pandemic, the implementation of teleworking and the need to digitize, digital advice has become essential for freelancers, SMEs and companies,being a key service to be able to carry out and streamline multiple day-to-day procedures, such as tax returns, payroll management, registrations and cancellations in Social Security, etc.

Because freelancers and SMEs devote a great deal of time and resources to managing their businesses, and a digital consultancy offers them considerable time savings, greater control of the business and greater productivity,without the need to travel, since all the treatment with the consultancy is done remotely, through the computer or even the mobile phone.

In addition to an alternative to traditional advice, online advice is fundamental for the digitalization of businesses,and although some time ago less digitized businesses were reluctant, the effects of the pandemic seem to have finished convincing them. In fact, the coronavirus has greatly increased the demand for digital advice in all types of businesses.

What is a digital consultancy?

A digital consultancy offers the same services as a conventional consultancy,with the difference that all the procedures and the sending of documents is done online, without having to travel, directly from your home or office.

In digital consultancies you only need to be connected to the Internet to carry out all the procedures,and you can send all kinds of documents, as well as make any query by email, telephone, videoconference, through specific platforms, etc.

That said, it offers administration management services to companies, SMEs and freelancers,being able to take care of all tax, labor, accounting, billing, company incorporation, etc. procedures.

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Advantages of digital consulting

Once we know what it is, we will review the main advantages of digital advice over traditional advice:

Time optimization

The main advantage of an online consultancy is the optimization of time,since by carrying out all the procedures online and not having to travel, you enjoy a considerable saving of time, something fundamental for any company, SME or self-employed, especially in these times.

Likewise, you get an immediate response in real time,which will help you make better decisions about your business, as well as solve any possible errors quickly.

And obviously, in addition to saving time, digital consultancies also offer greater convenience,having all the functions of the consultancy at your fingertips.

Reduction of errors

Digital consultancies have automated software that reduces possible errors when carrying out any type of procedure. These types of programs are designed not only to speed up the entire process, but also to detect faults quickly and efficiently.

This will allow you to correct them quickly, as well as avoid possible problems derived from making mistakes in a procedure,which could entail important sanctions to your business.

Greater control over your operations

It should also be noted that online advice offers you greater control over your operations,since it will allow you to carry out a much more comfortable and effective accounting, tax or administrative management, which translates into a much more rigorous control.

In addition, by having greater control, you will also have greater knowledge about all areas of your business,this being one of the most outstanding advantages.

Increased productivity

As we have said before, digitized advice will increase the productivity of your business,since you can dedicate all the time you have saved in the management of the different procedures, to other more important areas that will allow you to improve and grow your business.

Increased security

Another very important point is that digital advice offers you greater security,since by sending all the documentation online, you ensure that it will always remain in your possession, which will avoid possible losses or losses.

Likewise, the documents sent will be stored in the cloud,so in case of suffering any loss, you can access them at all times in a totally secure way. This is a very beneficial advantage in times of teleworking, since you can access any document without having to go to the office.

Economic savings

Finally, note that although many people see it as an unnecessary expense, the reality is that online advice will offer you significant economic savings,since you will only need a single provider to have controlled all aspects of your business.

And not only that, but it will be an investment in favor of the digitalization of your business,something that has now ceased to be an option, becoming a real need for any company, SME or self-employed.

Why hire a digital consultancy with AYCE?

With more than 15 years of experience offering online advisory services throughout Spain,in AYCE Laborytax we have a large team of advisors and professional consultants, who will offer you a remote advisory service for your business, fully customized and adapted to your needs,which will allow you to improve the management of resources and the performance of your company in the most comfortable and effective way.

In AYCE your business will be in the hands of professionals, being able to access different types of online advice for companies depending on your needs, which will help you meet your business goals:

We are the online advice that your business needs, with which you can free yourself from all the management procedures of your business,with the guarantee of complying with the current legislation and avoiding sanctions, and having more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Benefits of AYCE digital advice for your business:

  • Develop your activities with added value.
  • Receive a personalized treatment and adapted 100% to the needs of your company.
  • Save time, leaving the labor management of your company in the hands of our team of consultants.
  • Trust in a team of highly qualified professionals in constant training.
  • Access your data 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever you are.
  • Increase the security of your data, which will be stored in the cloud.
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