Generally speaking, it is not possible to collect the retirement pension and continue working at the same time; but there are some exceptions, as long as a number of requirements are met.

The new Self-Employed Law

allows people of retirement age who meet certain requirements to collect the retirement pension and continue working.

Due to the recent changes that the Self-Employed Law has undergone, those of retirement age can continue working while receiving the pension.

Depending on some requirements, the retired worker will be able to enjoy 100% of the pension that corresponds to him.

In addition, the basis is laid down for employed persons to also benefit from this measure.

This change in the Self-Employed Law will not affect only those who are self-employed, since, indirectly, this modification has laid the foundations for those who work as an employee can also benefit from this measure.

Self-employed: requirements to work and collect the retirement pension

If you are of retirement age, but you are self-employed and want to remain so, we tell you how you can combine both situations.

You can collect 100% of the pension and continue working

From now on, those who are of retirement age, have the right to a pension and, at the same time, want to continue with their work as self-employed, will be able to reconcile their pension and their earnings as self-employed,fulfilling a series of requirements.

To enjoy 100% of the pension, while you continue to work as a freelancer, it will be necessary that in the business you manage there is at least one contracted worker.

Therefore, the condition to receive the total that would correspond to charge is to have a template.

In the event that the business does not have a workforce,that is, there are no employees, the self-employed person may receive 50% of the pension that would correspond to him when he retires.

Extra conditions to collect the retirement pension and continue in the job

Self-employed workers must meet the above conditions to collect 100% of the pension and continue working.

But, in addition, they must meet other requirements:

1. Do not exceed the minimum interprofessional wage

An autonomous person who wants to collect the retirement pension may not exceed, annually, the income of the minimum interprofessional wage (about € 9,900).

2. Be solely the owner

If you have a business of which you are the owner, you can receive the retirement pension, as long as you do not work in that business.

That is, if you are only the owner, you can collect the retirement, if you do not perform activity.

3. Have quoted 100%

As a worker, you must have contributed the total number of years that correspond to the retirement benefit.

What if I am an employee? Requirements to work and collect the retirement pension


Not only the self-employed can reconcile the income from their activity with the retirement pension.

Those who work as employees can also continue to work at the same time as they receive their pension,as long as they meet some requirements:

Be of retirement age

In order to receive the retirement pension and, at the same time, continue working as an employee, it is necessary that the retiree has already reached the necessary age for retirement.

Therefore, pre-retirement situations are excluded.

Have quoted 100%

On the other hand, when someone wants to work while retired, they must have already contributed all the necessary years to be able to collect. That is, you must have contributed 100% to the corresponding regulatory base.

Those who meet these two conditions, are employed and want to continue working, while collecting their pension, may do so.

In addition, the number of hours spent on work will be irrelevant. Therefore, the retiree will be able to work both full-time and part-time.

The amount will be lower

Those who decide to combine work as an employee with the retirement pension should know that their pension will be reduced by 50%.

Therefore, as long as they reconcile both incomes, they will receive only half of the retirement pension that corresponds to them. Once they stop working, the pension will be restored to 100%.


In short, the self-employed who want to collect the retirement pension and continue working will be able to do so, as long as their income does not exceed the minimum interprofessional wage. In the case that they have a staff, they will be able to collect 100% of the pension; while they will receive 50%, if they do not have employees.

On the other hand, those who work as an employee will also be able to continue working while they receive their pension. This will be reduced by half in any of the cases. In order to enjoy the benefit, they must meet the requirements of having the necessary age to retire (not early retirees) and have contributed the 100% necessary to collect the pension.

modifications in the Self-Employed Law
have meant that, from now on, many people who are of retirement age can decide to collect the retirement pension and continue working. Therefore, those who are of age to make a decision about it can do so, having all the options.

Anyway, each particular case always has its own connotations. Therefore, if you are not sure that you can work and collect retirement at the same time, we recommend that you contact our experts in labor advice to help you solve all your doubts.