It is true that there are many aspects that must be taken into account when managing a company, such as the selection of the corporate name, the hiring of personnel, the technology to be used or the location of the establishment among others, but without a doubt the tax cost optimisation should be one of the main concerns of every entrepreneur. Something that can be achieved with good tax planning.

All types of companies, regardless of the sector to which they belong or their size, are obliged to pay taxes,which if not managed correctly, could adversely affect the economy.

Many entrepreneurs resort to tax evasion and avoidance to try to get less money into the tax coffers and reduce the tax burden, but this is not the solution. Aware of this, today we are going to give you the keys to make a tax planning that optimizes the cost of taxes of your company. Notes.

What is a company’s tax planning?

Tax planning is a totally legal and permitted tool to optimize the tax cost of a company, through a decision-making process whose main objective is to minimize the tax cost, within the legal parameters allowed.

That said, below we show you the keys when it comes to carrying out good tax planning that helps you reduce the tax burden of your company.

Aspects to take into account when carrying out tax planning

Starting from the basis that there is no manual that includes the ABC to carry out a successful tax planning, when developing the strategy that we are going to follow, it must revolve around three key aspects: anticipation, personalization and updating.

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Keep in mind that each company is different from another and has its own characteristics, so when designing the strategy you have to take into account the tax situation of a company,taking into account aspects such as the type of business, the location in which the operations are carried out, etc.

One of the first decisions to be made is whether the company will pay the corporation tax in instalments for option A or B

Although the final amount will be the same regardless of the method chosen, there could be a significant difference in the amount to be advanced.

When to start the tax planning strategy?

The tax planning strategy should start at the time a company starts its activity. It should be borne in mind that when forming a company there are different decisions that could affect taxation considerably.

Tax planning must also be adapted to the passage of time, since it must not be forgotten that it is a year-round activity. In this way you can be aware of possible modifications of laws or new tax advantages that could affect the tax burden of a company.


The documentation that is available will be key to carry out a correct analysis and calculation of taxes that allows to carry out a good tax planning. For this, and in the digital age, it is essential to have adequate support and automation that helps to keep all the necessary information perfectly organized.

Relying on one’s memory is a mistake,as it could put at risk the recovery and security of storing a company’s documentation. In that case, we could also have problems with the Tax Agency.

Revenue report

We must avoid any type of carelessness, lack of diligence or those errors that could affect the reporting of income,since otherwise there would be a risk that these actions would be considered as an attempt at tax evasion. This would have serious consequences for the company.

If any unintentional error is made related to the income report, it would be advisable to submit a supplementary and amending declaration as soon as possible to avoid the corresponding fines and/or penalties.

Maximize personal deductions

The law establishes a number of deduction possibilities relating to state and local taxes,mortgage interest, charitable donations, property taxes, and other expenses that must be taken into account when carrying out good tax planning.

This makes it important to know and stay updated before the current laws,since in this way you will have greater possibilities of benefiting from possible deductions, and thus reduce the payment of taxes.


Good tax planning will help companies reduce their tax burden, always within the law. If you have doubts about it or want to make sure you have all the aspects that affect such planning, you can contact the team of tax advisors of AYCE Laborytax. With them, your taxes will be in the best hands.