We have already been in the income campaign for 10 days and there are already almost 1,689,000 taxpayers who have filed their return and more than 3,750,000 taxpayers have browsed ‘RENTA WEB’, the platform enabled to manage online any income tax return that does not include income from economic activities.

If you still doubt whether or not you are obliged to do it, you should know that in general those taxpayers who have income exclusively from work if they do not exceed the amount of 22,000 euros per year are not obliged. This limit is reduced if the income comes from more than one payer with some exceptions, and also when compensatory pensions of the spouse or annuities for non-exempt maintenance are perceived, when the payer is not obliged to withhold and when the income is subject to a fixed rate of withholding. In such cases, this year the limit has been extended from 11,200 to 12,000 euros per year.

Both limits are still valid not to declare if the taxpayer has the following income:

-Dividends, interest and capital gains subject to withholding with a limit of 1,600 euros as a whole.
-Imputed real estate income, full income from movable capital not subject to withholding derived from Treasury bills and subsidies for the acquisition of official protection or appraised housing, with the joint limit of 1,000 euros.

Nor will taxpayers who have income from work, capital and economic activities, as well as capital gains from subsidies, prizes and others, with the joint limit of 1,000 euros, along with capital losses of less than 500 euros, be obliged.

AYCE Consultants