The calculations of the minimum retirement pension

are essential to know for sure what is the remuneration to which you are entitled.

Below, we explain in detail all the aspects that you must know to determine the amount of the minimum retirement pension in this in 2018.

What is the minimum retirement pension in Spain?

In the first place, it is important to remember that, in general, in the pensions that are collected in 2018, indexation with the Increase in Consumer Prices (CPI)is not contemplated.

The current pension legislation, included in Law 23/2013, only contemplates a minimum increase of 0.25% and is what has been applied for 5 years.

However, it is important to say that the Government has the capacity to make the value equivalent to the CPI and add an additional 0.50%.

However, it should be noted that there are factors that contribute to its increase, but they are clearly priced and limited. For example, having dependents or some type of disability that will influence the total calculation.

The amount of pensions

Cuantía de las pensiones en España

Depending on this circumstance, and whether or not you have people in charge, the amounts to be received are one or the other.

Contributory pensions

The contributory pension is the one that is received for having contributed to the Social Security the minimum number of years required.

In this section, only the minimum amounts are calculated, although in fact there are maximums to be received if all the conditions are met.

As a general principle to consider, the minimum pension for a person of 65 years who has a dependent spouse is 11044 euros that are divided into 14 payments,at the rate of 12 ordinary and 2 extraordinary.

If the beneficiary has a spouse but not dependent,the sum will reach 8492.4 euros per year. Another case that is contemplated is that of not having a spouse and, if that is the case, the minimum pension would be 8950 euros.

In the case of remuneration for persons under 65 with a dependent spouse,the minimum pension will reach 10351.6 euros per year.

If the person is married but that person is not in your charge, you will charge a minimum of 7912.8 euros.

Finally, we must highlight the case of singles under 65 years old, who will charge a minimum of 8372 euros.

Invalidity pensions


The case of invalidity has the particularity that it is not necessarily subject to work activities and it has to be so because there are people who are disqualified from birth to work.

However, there is also the possibility of receiving this remuneration by adding the years that have been contributed.

In cases of absolute or total disability with more than 65 years,the amounts to be received are the same and will depend on the marital status.

If the person has a dependent spouse, he will charge a minimum of 11044.6 euros per year. In the case of marriage but without a dependent spouse, the minimum is 8492.40 euros per year. Finally, when the person with disability is single, they will charge at least 8950.20 euros per year.

When the disability is total but the person is between 60 and 64 years old, the amounts you can collect are somewhat lower.

If you are married and have a dependent, the minimum is 10351.6 euros. In the case of marriage without a dependent spouse, the minimum pension is 7912.8 euros. Singles have established a minimum amount of 8372 euros.

Widow’s pensions


Non-contributory pensions

are those that are granted regardless of whether or not the beneficiary has contributed to Social Security.

The most common are those of widowhood and orphanhood and, in this case, we will talk about the first, which are those that are related to retirement.

Widow’s pensions are fixed by family responsibilities and age.

  • If the person has family responsibilities, they will charge a minimum of 10351.6 euros per year.
  • A person over 65 years of age or some type of disability of more than 65% will receive 8950.20 euros.
  • In the case of being between 60 and 64 years old, 8372 euros will be charged.
  • Beneficiaries under 60 years of age will receive 6777.40 euros.


The calculation of the amount for the
minimum retirement pension in Spain
is essential for several reasons: both to know the rights you have, and to raise the contribution bases if possible.

Therefore, do not hesitate to let yourself be advised by the
specialists of AYCE Laborytax
about the current assumptions and the possibilities contemplated by the legislation, in order to ensure a good retirement.