The Tax Agency opens today the deadline to confirm, modify and submit electronically the tax return on the Income 2015 of individuals corresponding last year, whose main novelty is the implementation of ‘RENTA WEB’ as a single platform for a simpler and more flexible management online of all income tax returns that do not include income from economic activities.

According to the Tax Agency within 48 hours will begin to receive the first refunds of Personal Income Tax and is that with the new Web Income system almost 80% of the declarations, all except those that include economic activities, can be confirmed, modified and presented on the new platform. In turn, all taxpayers who could use the draft and more than 1,660,000 of those who needed the ‘PADRE’ program will have a simpler and more flexible tool.

The ‘RENTA WEB’ system does not require downloading of programs, gives access to the most up-to-date tax data and allows you to operate in different sessions from any device, so in this year’s campaign the presentation of 19,708,000 declarations is planned, of which 14,673,000 will be returned,amounting to 10,858 million euros.

The deadline for submission will end on June 30, both for the declarations to be entered and returned. However, in the declarations to be entered if you choose to make the payment by direct debit, the deadline for submission will be until June 25. The face-to-face campaign will begin on May 10, as will the assistance in offices.