Creación del Mercado Único Digital sigue avanzando

The Digital Single Market aims to remove barriers to the cross-border procurement of goods and services online from Member States. With a volume of 500 million consumers (replacing the 28 national markets) this market will allow Europe to be more competitive in the global technology market.

This last quarter of 2015 will be decisive for the project, after an agreement was reached last June
on the new regulation on the protection of personal data of the European Union,
which will surely be approved before the end of the year. The new data protection law, which will be run by a single authority, will apply equally to European and international companies in all EU territories.

The strategy for the implementation of this single market aims to improve the access of consumers and businesses to digital goods and services in Europe, to establish appropriate conditions and fair rules to support the growth of digital networks and innovative services and to maximise the growth potential of the economy.

Mercado Único Digital

Spain facilitated its vision of the project in January 2015 through letters from the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism,

the Vice-President of the Digital Single Market and the Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society.

One of the basic issues for Spain for the implementation of this project is the revision of the regulatory framework for electronic communications since, although the existing legislation has allowed a dynamic and very competitive market, it has lagged behind in terms of the modernization of its telecommunications networks. Investments in infrastructure, mainly by telecommunications operators, is a key point to ensure digital sustainability and to make available to the markets a balanced playing field that guarantees the protection of consumers and users.

For Spanish companies, the digital single market will open up a large field of business opportunities. Having an expert advisor, in addition to helping to detect new opportunities and risks in the internationalization process, can help the organization to comply with all the necessary requirements at the legal and fiscal level to enter the game with the same opportunities as the rest of the competitors. AYCE Consultores has a team of professionals with more than thirty years of experience, which will make it easier to develop a strategic plan for the international expansion of your company.