The Official State Gazette has published Order JUS/2831/2015, of December 17, which approves the application form for the procedure to reach an out-of-court settlement of payments. Its purpose is to facilitate access to this procedure while strengthening legal certainty.

The provision of this form that will enter into force on 18 January 2016, was provided for in Law 25/2015 of July 28 on the second chance mechanism, reduction of the financial burden and other social measures, in force since July, which introduces various reforms, including the one aimed at increasing the operability of the procedure.

The applicant must prove in the form his personal, family and work or professional situation. This identification must be accompanied by information on the inventory of your assets and rights. Finally, it must provide the list of creditors, which will allow to know the entity of each of them and evaluate its impact on the whole debt. This information will allow a more appropriate treatment of the insolvency situation of the person initiating the procedure, favoring the development and good end of the out-of-court payment agreements.