Normally, in Spain, bosses have always looked with bad eyes at the worker who asked for a promotion at work without being offered it beforehand, despite the fact that it was very meritorious and the worker met all the requirements.

However, the tables are turning and the term proactivityis increasingly being introduced, which must be applied to both duties and rights. For this reason, if you deserve a job promotion, apply!

Job Promotion: Tips for Your Application

In principle, asking for an internal job promotion should be viewed favorably. The message he is giving to his superior is the following: “I am able to take on more responsibilities and give even more value to the company.”

However, the problem is that many times the message is understood in another way: “I want to charge more!”. This is not necessarily bad, but it is not so elegant.

Internal promotion of a company

To be able to ask for a promotion and that it has a chance of being granted,you must demonstrate what it is worth for the company, show that you are not one more of the staff but a valuable person who must be treated with care so that you do not leave the ship. And if the internal promotion of a company does not give the worker what he wants, the chances that he will decide to leave increase.

This is the main idea, however, you should never threaten to leave but let your bosses know indirectly that this can happen.

Secondly, to get a promotion you not only need to be talented but you also have to have been an active worker who has brought customers to the company.

The company is nourished by customers, not by the work itself, so it is better to be commercial than technical (yes, this statement depends on the sector).

Thirdly, you do not have to ask for the ascent at once but it is convenient that you prepare the ground. Don’t come to the office one day and tell your boss to promote you.

What are the reasons for the law to move up the post

There are several occasions in which there is a right to promotion at work,as recognized among others in article 39 of the Workers’ Statute.

However, the best guide to know whether or not you have the right to promotion is your employment contract and collective agreement.

Generally, promotions occur according to two criteria:

  • The merits of the worker, the training of the same, the seniority and the organizational faculties of the employer.
  • Secondly, it must be ensured that there is no discrimination.

Taking into account these two criteria you can argue in a way more in accordance with the law whether or not you deserve the job promotion,in any case, if you have the right to it you can never be denied.

In conclusion, asking for a promotion is complicated but not impossible. With enough tact it can be achieved with relative ease.