is a procedure by which a company chooses a part of its business to perform it more efficiently by hiring another company. This decision frees the company from responsibilities in order to focus its efforts on its main function.

Within this outsourcing of business processes is developed, for example, in payroll management. All companies manage them, but there are those who are specialists in their administration and can help manage them more efficiently.

Another practical example to help understand enterprise oursourcing

would be computer maintenance.

A company may have its own computers and computer scientists, but one way to get rid of that responsibility may be to rent the computers with a maintenance service. In addition to avoiding the responsibilities of repairs, investments in personnel, training and periodic renovation of computer equipment are also canceled.

Given the advantages offered by outsourcing today, there are companies where many of their departments operate through this type of services.

It will be the responsibility of the company to compare this technique with the management internally, to know how to decide which way is the most convenient.

Faced with this decision, several factorsmust be assessed:

  • Costs.
  • References of the company to which the outsourcingservice is entrusted.
  • Collect information from other companies that have contracted these services within the same sector.
  • Mark the priority of the area or functions in which we want to make the hiring. If a part of the business is very important, the company must do it without external collaborators.
  • The conditions and legal consequences of breaching the contract with the company that performs the outsourcingservice must be clearly established.

Beyond a subcontracting, the outsourcing process approaches collaboration alliances between companies,with the aim that the less important tasks of one company are developed more efficiently in another.

The rise of labor outsourcing


In the financial field, labor outsourcing is the most demanded today, especially in payroll management,one of the outsourcing services offered by AYCE LABORYTAX.

Small, medium and large companies have contracted the services of auxiliary companies like ours, for the management of these tasks and in their results it is shown that it is beneficial.

The efficiency of outsourcing in managing the costs of a company has made it a priority for many companies.

Many specialists believe that soon a large percentage of companies will hire external collaborating companies for these functions.

The crisis that occurred a few years ago, turned this technique into a determining factor for companies. And, although some continue to value whether to bet on internal management or hire external firms, more and more are deciding on the outsourcing of a large number of their administrative tasks.

The reason for the rise of outsourcing is summarized in the reduction of costs,since it is usually less than maintaining own management.

But, leaving the expenses aside, the benefits of outsourcing are very numerous. Here are a few:

  • Companies are freed from non-transcendental functions and focus on the main thing.
  • Most HR departments think that freeing themselves from the responsibility of many secondary departments increases the ability to improve the work of employees in key departments.
  • Companies that offer outsourcing services are responsible for day-to-day management. This responsibility offers companies results, benefits and the possibility of improving the development of their work activity. Thus, the management of any company can achieve more control of all departments through alliances oriented to service management and performance measurement.
  • More data and better collected. More detailed reports and better assessments of actual expenditures are obtained in specific departments.

Top 10 Advantages of Outsourcing


To the benefits already mentioned, it is worth adding the following realities about outsourcing:

  1. Manufacturing expenses are reduced, and investments in different departments and their materials are falling.
  2. It makes it possible for the company to respond more quickly to the forced changes it has to make.
  3. Upward changes in the main points of the company.
  4. It helps to build alliances,so the value interests more people.
  5. It allows you to make changes in the company to obtain growth.
  6. It makes it more competitive compared to other companies. This competitiveness is also more sustainable thanks to the growth of the brand and its reach. With this improvement, the company must establish a change of rules in order to sustain itself.
  7. The commitment to the improvement of technological equipmentgrows. This achievement ensures that the time in the delivery of the services and the quality of the reports for decision making, improves considerably.
  8. It allows to apply better resources in the key departments.
  9. Business conditions will be able to change more efficiently and easily.
  10. The brand will have more flexibility and will be able to reduce its fixed expenses.



undoubtedly improves the efficiency in the management of all departments of a company.

Some will grow by outsourcing to companies specialized in these tasks, and others because the company will be able to focus on its main functions after having freed itself from secondary responsibilities.

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