If you have already made the declaration and have left to return, surely one of your main doubts is when you will have the return of the 2016 Income. And in this case the correct answer is “it depends”, since it can range from 48 hours to half a year.

Despite this, the most common deadlines for the refund of the amount of Personal Income Tax (IRPF) move between 2 and 6 weeks depending on different factors.

How can you know the status of the return of the Rent?

The income tax return can be consulted through the Internet. Inquiries about the return of the Income can be made by connecting to the website of the Tax Agency enabled for the campaign.

Here you need to access the option called‘Return Query’,marked with a red box in the center of the menu.

To make the query about the return status,you will need to use andl Electronic DNI, the PIN key, the reference number of the draft income tax return or the digital certificate of the holder of the income tax return that must be installed on the computer from which the consultation is made.

Once connected to the Tax Agency system, it reflects the state in which the user’s personal income tax return is located.

Term of return of the Rent: When do I receive the return?

The Personal Income Tax campaign corresponding to 2016 began on April 5 and in just 48 hours the first refunds were made in the cases of those that were presented virtually. This is the minimum term of the return of rent that will have to wait if you carry out the procedure electronically.

If you file the income tax return in person,the deadline for its return is a little longer. Thus, the Tax Agency needs between 15 days and a month to pay you the money,which has been the most common term.

But this does not mean that all taxpayers will receive the amount overpaid during the year so quickly. And it is that the term that the State awards itself to make this return ends on December 31, 2017.

If you have not received it on this date or more than 6 months have passed since the presentation of the tax settlement, the Tax Agency must pay you interest generated from this day, as long as it is for reasons attributable to the Administration and not to the taxpayer.

Delays in the return of the 2016 Rent

In the event that the refund exceeds 3000 euros,it may take more than a month or a month and a half to refund the amount to be returned.

In this situation, it is likely that the Treasury technicians will carry out different checks of the data that the taxpayer has submitted.

The data that are usually checked more assiduously are changes related to marital status,such as the separation of assets or documents that certify that the deductions requested are true.

Among these deductions can be found the inclusion of a certificate of disability or the payment of a rent or mortgage with the right to deduction in the income statement.

Filing the return

It is important to know that, in general, the sooner you file the income tax return or draft, the sooner you will receive the money that corresponds to you (with the exceptions that we have already described). But this fact should not make you rush by confirming the draft as soon as you have it downloaded on your computer.

Thus, it is important that before confirming this document or when making the complete declaration, you take your time and confirm that all the data is correct.

And if necessary, consult your tax advisor or
before delivering the documents to the Treasury, either electronically or in person, to ensure that everything is in order.

Please note that on many occasions the information provided by the Tax Agency in the draft is incomplete or has some errors; possibly, if you modify them you can get a more advantageous statement for you.

It is also important to start managing your income tax return as soon as possible. It’s the best way to have the time to collect the documentation you need and make sure you get the most favorable outcome possible.

Remember that the deadline to submit the 2016 Income ends on June 30.

If you present it after the deadline, even if it is only one day, the Treasury will apply a penalty of 200 euros. This amount could be reduced by 50% if there was no prior payment request made by the Administration.