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What do we offer you?

AYCE LABORYTAX can be the daily support to your Human Resources Department or it can become your particular Human Resources Department.

With the HR outsourcing we will help you with the coordination of the personnel administration process, the hiring, development and management of your workers externally, the creation of companies, movements of affiliations to Social Security, the reception and study of monthly incidents, liquidation of social security, etc …

In addition, we offer you an ONLINE PORTAL for the internal communication of your company,access to payroll, documents, communications,… etc. Always having the
information at your fingertips and that of your employees.

We provide coverage, warranty and solutions, to all types of customers.


Our Human Resources Management Services

Why hire us?

• Reduction of expenses

Such as those associated with investment in infrastructure, technology, personnel … enjoying a saving of up to 25%, which you can allocate to other areas or functions of your business. By not needing your own HR department, you save the cost of workers’ payrolls. In addition, it allows you to have the latest technology without having to make large investments in equipment or in training personnel specialized in them.

• Increased productivity

Delegating the personnel administration process and the rest of the functions to specialized professionals, your company will be more efficient and productive. Our professionals will be in charge of carrying out all the routine tasks of the day to day, allowing you to dedicate more time to other functions. It allows the company to focus primarily on the business and not consume human and financial resources in other areas that are not strategic for its core business.

• Greater perspective

By having professionals outside your company, they will be able to give you their point of view in a more objective and realistic way than your own employees.

• Higher quality of service

With hr outsourcing you have expert professionals with experience and a great knowledge of the sector that will allow you to improve the quality of the service of the human resources of your company, adapting to your needs.

• Greater competitiveness

Being highly qualified and trained people, your company will be more competitive, since you will enjoy a quality, productive and effective service in the performance of human resources tasks, which will increase the motivation of your workers, with all the benefits that this entails.

Reduce Costs

Access 24/7

Employee Portal

Save time

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