Tareas empresariales que puedes externalizar para potenciar la productividad de tu negocio

The frenetic pace that is lived in companies, the advance of technologies and the constant pressure of the day to day, make that in many cases it is not possible to cover all the tasks planned with guarantee,nor to achieve the expected results at first.

Within a company, there are multiple tasks that must be carried out daily,and that due to the lack of time, stop being performed, or are not performed in the proper way, which translates into a deterioration of the image of the company itself.

A few years ago, especially medium and large companies, were responsible for carrying out any task or activity related to the business, through members of the company itself, given the large amount of resources they had.

This situation has changed, and is that more and more companies choose to outsource different tasks of their day to day,with the aim of not damaging the productivity of their businesses, and always guarantee the best service to their customers.

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If you feel identified, take note because below we will tell you the main advantages of outsourcing services,as well as those business tasks that you can outsource with a total guarantee.

Main advantages of outsourcing business tasks

  • Through outsourcing you can access all kinds of resources, knowledge and experienced professionals,whenever you need it, when you need it and without having to have them hired on staff.
  • Undertake new ways of doing business and providing services to customers.
  • Increase control over the business activity,simplifying management and operations, in order to focus exhaustively on the tasks of the business, which you master perfectly.
  • Time and cost savings.
  • Improvement of the services offered by the company, which will result in greater efficiency.
  • Total availability at a predictable price.
  • Adaptation of the company to the new times.
  • Have professionals who offer advice for problem solving.

Business tasks to outsource

Tareas empresariales que puedes externalizar para potenciar la productividad de tu negocio

Currently you can outsource, practically, any task within a company,leaving it in the hands of a professional with extensive experience. However, with the intention of clarifying the ideas, we are going to show you the main tasks that companies decide to outsource:

> accounting

Keeping accounts for a company, in addition to being a very important task, is not exactly easy.

The accounting of a company requires a great dedication of time,since it goes through ordering and classifying each of the invoices, creating customer and / or supplier cards, entering billing data, accounting, etc.

More and more companies are choosing to outsource accounting to an external company,being important that it is a professional company, trusted and with a great experience, which guarantees the total confidentiality of the data processed.

> Human Resources Management

Outsourcing the management of the human resources of your company, means a reduction in costs (on an average of 25%) and increased productivity.

> Supplier management

Supplier management is another of the services that companies are most accustomed to outsourcing,with the aim of streamlining activities related to the purchasing department, as well as the choice of suppliers; something fundamental to obtain good results.

The external company will be in charge of the search for suppliers,of the research tasks, of making the requests for information, as well as the evaluation process, analyzing and comparing the different candidates, always looking for the most appropriate option.

> Customer management

The lack of time prevents in many cases from dedicating the necessary time to customers, which can lead them to end up leaving for a competing company, which is a serious problem, even more so if we take into account that the customer is the basis of all business.

Luckily, any company, regardless of its activity or professional profile, can outsource customer management with a total guarantee of success,ensuring that the client will receive the necessary attention and a quality service that leaves you satisfied.

Within customer management, billing, collection management and tracking, as well as customer service and communication,are some of the main areas that are used to outsource.

> Administrative and secretarial management

When we talk about outsourcing the administrative and secretarial management of your company, we are referring to delegating the organization and planning of the most routine tasks of the day to day:

  • Organization of the agenda
  • Presentations
  • Receiving calls
  • Preparation and submission of budgets and reports
  • Drafting and reviewing documents
  • Archiving and document management tasks
  • Search for information
  • Organization of trips and events
  • Destruction of documents
  • Digitization of information

> Customer Service – Call Center

All those Call Center tasks related to customer service or marketing,can be outsourced with a total guarantee, which will allow you to save time, money, and also guarantee the best service.

You can choose the level of attention that your customers require,offering a quality service, without having to increase your staff, fully adapted to your needs.



There are many tasks that a company can outsource, in order to save time, money and ensure the maximum productivity of its businesses.

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