Offering a bad service, a poor quality in the product or having excessively high prices, are some of the mistakes that most companies make as far as customer management is concerned,showing themselves as “main culprits” that a potential client ends up looking for other options within our sector or heading to compatibility.

Aware of this situation, and also that customers are key to the success of any company or business, we wanted to review what are the most frequent errors in customer management, as well as their possible solutions.

Why is good customer management so important?

Customer management is the pillar on which the development and growth of a company must be sustained. Take measures such as the introduction of technological innovations, aimed at improving customer management; or analyze the needs of customers, make it indispensable not only to attract new customers, but also to satisfy them and get to loyalty.

The techniques used to improve customer well-being and satisfaction are known as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which stands for >> Customer Relationship Management. Its function is to offer solutions to companies to strengthen their communications with customers, and thus give them a better image of the company.

In addition, a good customer management allows to monitor, classify and measure the behavior of our consumers,to be able to serve them in a segmented and personalized way. This will translate into increased sales and greater customer satisfaction.

Main mistakes in customer management that you should avoid in your company

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1 – Give expectations higher than reality

When from your company you give your customers expectations that are not met later, it generates a feeling of discomfort and disappointment. Our recommendation in this regard is that you never promise more than you can actually give. You must give your customers expectations that fit reality, since in this way it will be easier to consolidate them and have greater satisfaction as customers.

2 – Off-market prices

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It is true that there are products or services that, no matter how much you want to lower the price, will continue to have a really high cost. But there are also many cases in which companies sell their services or products with prices that are outside the market,which generates rejection among customers.

This is mainly because they have not studied how they can reduce costs, and also because many companies intend to increase prices, in order to increase their profits as well.

3 – Not knowing your own limitations

The first thing for a customer to be satisfied with your service, is to know your own limitations. Do not make the mistake of offering a service that you are not able to offer, otherwise you will offer a service with a lower quality than expected, or with delivery times higher than those established.

4 – Do not study your competition

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Studying your main competitors is essential,since in this way you will know what they are doing, in order to take the necessary measures to overcome them. If you think you’re the best in the market and forge your customer management strategy without looking at others, you have a good chance of failing.

5 – Do not readapt the product

Times change and the business world even more,so it is important to be alert and keep updated, in order to readapt your products and services,depending on the needs of your customers and what the market marks at all times.

6 – Poor management of corporate image

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The image that your company shows abroad will be key to attract customers, so it is important that do not leave in oblivion the management of the corporate image of your business,since otherwise it is likely that with the passage of time it will be negatively harmed.

7 – Constant template changes

That your customers maintain a connection with your employees is essential,something that is complicated if the staff of your company is constantly changing. This will generate a feeling of distrust, increasing the chances of customers leaving in search of new options.



In short, good customer management is fundamental to the success of your company, helping you reach your potential customers, capture them and build their loyalty. Take note of these possible mistakes, as well as the necessary measures and precautions to avoid committing them yourself.