The employees who form the staff of your company will be fundamental for the proper functioning of your business, so it is important that your Human Resources Department or the person in charge of the selection of personnel, manage the hiring process in the best possible way.

We could say that the hiring of employees is one of the most important tasks for any company or organization,at the same time as complicated; since today there is a wide range of workers perfectly very much to choose from.

Faced with this situation, and with the aim of helping you hire a qualified employee, able to adapt to the demands and competencies of your business model; from AYCE Laborytax we give you some rules that we consider essential to choose a good employee.

Take note and get your choice right.

Tips for choosing a good employee and getting it right

1. Publish job offers in the right places

It is essential to choose the digital portals in which to publish a job offer based on the profile requested,since in this way it will be easier to get it right, making the offer more attractive and interesting for potential future employees.

It is also important that the design of the job offer is able to capture the attention of workers,in addition to providing all the information related to the job, so that the chances of candidates looking at it, are higher.

A recommendation is that your company has profiles – updated – in the main social networks in which it is possible to publish job offers.

2. Prepare the job interview

elegir un buen empleado para tu empresa

The job interview will be crucial when hiring an employee,so it is important that you prepare it properly and be clear about what topics you want to address.

It is important to empathize with the future employee,but without creating a climate too relaxed. Throughout the interview you must inform the candidate about the expectations placed, making clear the skills and abilities that are needed to occupy the job you offer and perform it successfully.

Likewise, you should also comment on the advantages of working in your company:working hours, salary, holidays, possibilities to promote, incentives,… Etc.

Keep in mind that in the interview you must also listen to the interviewee and not monopolize the interview. Also, do not hesitate to take the necessary time until you have been satisfied with the interview, or even repeat it if necessary.

3. Perform a psychotechnical test

More and more companies are betting on performing a psychotechnical test during job interviews,with the aim of obtaining additional information to that which appears on the resume of the possible employee.

With a psychotechnical test you can evaluate qualities such as leadership level or the ability to work asa team, among others; obtaining objective results that will help you to know more about the profile of the interviewee.

Usually a personality testis performed, which allows you to know the way of being of each candidate, and an aptitude test,which focuses on talents and qualities.

4. Ask for letters of reference

elegir un buen empleado para tu empresa

Knowing the trajectory that candidates have taken in other jobs can be of great help in making a decision. For this we recommend you to request letters of reference to the interviewees,which allow you to obtain information about their way of working and their professional worth from the point of view of other people or companies in which they have already developed professionally.

If these are young candidates who do not yet have enough professional experience, you can request their academic record,or as a letter of recommendation from their internship tutor or one of their professors, in order to assess their career.

5. The resume isn’t the only thing that matters

There is no doubt that the resume is critical when selecting an employee, but that doesn’t mean the resume is the only thing that matters.

When hiring a worker you should look beyond their resume, and pay attention to other aspects such as their personality, qualities or availability.

It is important that in addition to being qualified for the position you want to take care of in your company, it is a possible worker with whom you have empathized and who you believe will adapt to the philosophy of your company.

It is also important to take into account the body language of the interviewee,since you will be able to know factors such as self-confidence or self-control, which are undoubtedly very important throughout a working day.



The success of a company comes directly from its human capital,which makes choosing a good employee for your company a fundamental task.

Take note of these tips and be sure to hire the employee that best suits your needs.