Business tasks that you can outsource to boost the productivity of your business

2021-06-05T10:20:32+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 05/06/2021|

The frenetic pace that is lived in companies, the advance of technologies and the constant pressure of the day to day, make that in many cases it is not possible to cover all the tasks

What is a 2.0 consultancy and why does it benefit the management of your company?

2021-06-05T10:19:21+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 05/06/2021|

Advances in technology and digital transformation have led to different changes in the culture and way of acting of business advisors, leading to the emergence of what is known as advice 2.0,which is characterized by

Top 10 of the best mobile business management apps your business needs

2021-06-05T10:18:37+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 05/06/2021|

That smartphones have become an indispensable element to work today, is not a secret to anyone. How far mobile phones have advanced in recent years, as well as multiple mobile business management applications that have

Consequences of work stress for your company that you do not know (and are interested in fighting)

2021-06-05T10:18:34+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 05/06/2021|

Work stress is shown as one of the main enemies of companies,negatively affecting the productivity and mood of workers, which is subsequently reflected in the results obtained by our company. Far from ceasing to be

Tips to avoid post-vaccination syndrome and encourage motivation of your workers

2021-06-05T10:18:26+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 05/06/2021|

The month of September is characterized by the return of the holidays of most workers, and in many cases comes accompanied by the well-known and feared post-vacation syndrome. The return to routine can be a

Learn how to retain customers forever by being self-employed

2021-06-05T10:18:14+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 05/06/2021|

The acquisition and loyalty of customers, is one of the most important processes for any self-employed worker,since the viability of their businesses will depend on them; having a direct impact on the profits obtained and

Success tips for making professional video conferences with your clients

2021-05-17T23:15:36+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 17/05/2021|

Coronavirus has made video conferencing one of the main options for communicating with customers,especially those companies that have implemented telework and do not have the possibility to view them in person. At first, conducting a

These are the advisory services most demanded by companies during the coronavirus

2021-05-17T23:15:33+02:00Actualizado a fecha: 17/05/2021|

Since the decree of the State of Alarm in our country as a measure to prevent coronavirus contagion, in this time of uncertainty for companies, small shops and freelancers, advisory services have been indispensable to

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