In this post we will talk about how important it is the figure of a legal advisor for a company,who is responsible for helping and offering advice for decision-making of tax, commercial, administrative or labor legislation.

It is an indispensable figure, especially for those companies little experienced in legal matters,since it will make use of their knowledge to try to solve and prevent any type of problem that could appear, in an agile, efficient and proactive way, increasing the solidity and legal security of the company itself.

What is the role of a legal adviser?

Starting from the basis that any company that wants to carry out any type of strategy, must comply with a series of legal principles, having a legal advisor is essential for all types of companies.

The legal advisor is responsible, not only for solving legal problems that may arise, but also for preventing and avoiding the appearance of problems of non-compliance with the law,which translates into greater protection of the company and its directors, and also in greater profitability.

All this, through advice in each of the processes of constitution, management and development that are carried out, such as a contract, agreement, legal regulations, billing, personnel,… Etc.

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The legal advisor will also offer tax advice to companies,taking care of the preparation of all types of tax returns, tax and tax obligations.

In short, it is a figure who is specialized in the different legal fields – fiscal, commercial, administrative and labor –, and who will be responsible for increasing the legal solidity of a company through his advice.

Main advantages of hiring a legal advisor in your company

Hiring a legal advisor in your company will allow you to have a complete advice in accordance with the law,something essential to be able to operate fully and quietly, making sure to comply with the law at all times, and to be able to carry out any type of management, commercial or personnel activity, without any problem.

There are many obligations that a company must fulfill in the fiscal, commercial, accounting and administrative fields,which can be complicated for anyone who does not have knowledge and experience in the field.

That said, the main advantage you will enjoy when hiring a legal advisor in your company, is that you will receive personalized advice through a specialized professional,in each of the business activities you carry out, to comply at all times with the law.

Legal advice in any branch of law

A professional legal advisor is trained to offer legal advice in any branch of law,which is shown as one of the main advantages of hiring for companies, even more so if we take into account that the laws are constantly changing, and it is essential to be updated.

The personalized advice offered by a legal advisor is very useful, to be able to face any type of conflict or situation with a total guarantee, always using the most appropriate resources.

Prevention of problems

As the saying goes,‘prevention is better than cure’,and as we have said before, the aim of a legal adviser is not only to solve problems, but also to anticipate them before they occur, or simply to prevent them from occurring.

Many companies seek legal help only when the problem has already arisen,which may be too late depending on the legal consequences, as well as costing much higher.

By having permanent legal advice, the chances of suffering any type of legal problem are reduced,and in case it could not be avoided, it can be faced in an agile and proactive way.

Flexibility in decision-making

A legal advisor offers greater flexibility in decision-making,while minimizing business costs.

Total availability

Hiring the figure of a legal advisor allows you to have the services of a specialized professional with total availability,who will have the necessary capacity to face any legal matter with a total guarantee, regardless of what the circumstances are.



As you can see, the figure of a legal advisor is essential for your company, since it will allow you to cover your back and be warned against any type of legal problem that may arise.

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