Once the Tax Agency has published the taxpayer’s calendar 2019, we already know that the 2019 Income Tax campaign will begin on April 2,and from that day, the deadline for the presentation of the Income and Wealth tax returns corresponding to 2018 will begin.

Income Tax Campaign 2019: Everything you need to know

The 2019 Income Tax campaign will begin on April 2,and will have as the last day to file the corresponding returns, on July 1. With direct debit the term ends on June 26.

That said, from next April 1 taxpayers will be able to request an appointment with the Tax Agency,either through the Internet or by telephone, so that it is the Tax Agency itself that calls them, and helps them with the declaration.

You can request an appointment online, through the official website of the Tax Agency,or by telephone (901 121 224 – 915 357 326 – 901 223 344 – 915 530 071), from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Here you have to differentiate between the presentation via telematics, and the presentation in the own offices of the AEAT, since from April 2 you can file the return online, and also by phone, while for filing in offices in person, you will have to wait until May 14, 2019.

The campaign will be maintained until June 26, for those declarations with result to be paid with direct debit in account. On the other hand, the returns with result to be returned, with waiver of the refund, negative and to enter without direct debit of the first term, may be presented until July 1.

Filing the Income Online

The presentation of the Income Tax may be made online, through the electronic DNI, electronic certificate, cl@ve PIN or reference number.

The electronic DNI and the electronic certificate may be used for any type of model, either through a natural person, representative of a legal person, or by any other entity. On the other hand, the cl@ve PIN and the reference number can only be used by natural persons.

Any natural person is in a position to use the electronic DNI, the electronic certificate, the cl@ve PIN or the reference number for the presentation of informative declarations, censuses, self-assessments, communications and refund requests, as long as they are of a tax nature.

Main news of the Income Tax 2019

Below we tell you the main tax novelties of 2019 that must be taken into account when making the Income Tax return:

  • Increase of the minimum for not declaring by two payers.

  • Refund for withholdings of maternity benefit:
    The 2018 Income Tax return will incorporate the benefits as exempt income and the withholdings supported will be deductible.
  • Extension of the deduction for large families:the deduction for large families is extended up to 600 euros per year (50 euros per month), for each child belonging to a large family that exceeds the minimum number of children required for the family to be recognized as a large family.
  • Deductions for dependent persons with disabilities:the modifications that are introduced result in the extension of the cases to which the deduction applies, by including the spouse not legally separated when this is a person with disabilities who is financially dependent on the taxpayer.
  • Increase in deduction for maternity when custody expenses are met in day care.

What requirements must be met to request the draft of the 2018 Income Tax return (Campaign of the year 2019)?

To apply for the draft of the 2018 Income Tax return, corresponding to the 2019 Income Tax campaign, it is necessary to have obtained income of the following kinds, regardless of their amounts:

  • Edities from work, including pensions and passive assets. Compensatory pensions received from the spouse are also included.
  • Income obtained from movable capital, subject to withholding or payment on account, such as interest on bank accounts and deposits, or dividends on shares.
  • Capital losses resulting from the transfer or repayment for payment of shares or participations representing the capital or assets of collective investment undertakings.
  • Income from real estate capital derived from Treasury Bills.
  • Capital gains subject to withholding or payment on account, basic income of emancipation, and subsidies to acquire a habitual residence.
  • Imputation of real estate income that comes from a maximum of eight properties.
  • Income from movable and immo real estate capital obtained by entities under the income allocation regime, when it has been attributed to the partners, heirs, community members or participants.


The 2019 Income Tax campaign begins on April 2, and ends on July 1, 2019. From April 2 to June 26, you can request the income tax return through the Renta Web program or by telephone, being able to confirm the draft of the income tax return when it has been prepared by the Tax Agency.

If you have any questions or need a professional to manage your income, do not hesitate to contact us.