Team Building

More and more companies are betting on the Team Building, a practice aimed at improve the productivity and attitude of a group of employees,through promoting teamwork and cohesion between different workers, with the aim of improving their coordination and facilitating the achievement of objectives.

In general, the practice of team building is carried out through events and meetings outside of working hours,in order to convey the feeling that it is a leisure and free time activity, together with the rest of the co-workers.

This is a totally beneficial practice for companies since workers do not lose working hours, but this time helps them to improve relations between employees.

What is team building?

The team building consists of organizing a series of activities by the company, aimed at improving personal communication between workers,generating a positive attitude with colleagues and the organization, and increasing the feeling of belonging to the company.


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Generally, it is the human resources department that is responsible for organizing and developing team buildingactivities, looking for those dynamics that can improve productivity and relationships between employees.


In this type of team building activities it is intended to work on important aspects for the proper functioning of a group,through the self-assessment of each participant, confidence in the team and companionship. In this way, the personal and professional growth of each worker is also achieved.

The possibilities to choose activities are innumerable, although they are usually carried out “fictitious competitions” between different groups of employees, which is most often used to practice the team building. In this way, teamwork and coordination between colleagues is encouraged, helping to relate and get to know each other better.

Other team building activities could be: company meals, group trips, sports competitions, group attendance at events,… Etc. In short, any activity that requires spending time together and helps foster the relationship between workers.

Team Building

Why bet on team building in your company?

Empowers teamwork

Teamwork is fundamental to the success of a company, and here team building has much to contribute as it fosters organization, cohesion and good relations between the workers of the same group. It will help in the way of working, creating an optimal working environment.

Improves communication

Team building improves communication between employees and with the company itself,something key to achieving common goals. By participating in these activities, communication and organization are essential, being able to move later to the work environment of each day.

Good communication will help to avoid misunderstandings, reduce working times, improve organisation and also cohesion, in order to achieve a common goal.

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Increases trust between colleagues

To generate a good work environment it is essential to create bonds between people who work in the same group,since in this way trust is increased between colleagues. This brings significant benefits to the company, and also to the workers themselves.

Through the activities carried out during the team building, results are achieved thanks to the effort and collaboration, generating a feeling of trust among the workers, which will help to achieve objectives.

Positive attitude

Another of the challenges of team building is to promote a positive attitude, something very important to achieve the objectives set; since many times the attitude with which we face our work is key.

A positive attitude will not only make a person feel happier in their job, but will also increase their motivation and productivity.

The team building makes the workers see that to achieve the objectives, you have to get out of their ‘comfort zone’; something for which it is essential to show that positive attitude.

Increase creativity


Usually, we all underestimate each other and hold back our more creative side. Team building sharpens ingenuity and helps creativity flow,two qualities that are necessary to overcome the challenges we encounter on a daily basis

Reinforces the feeling of belonging to the company

Team building activities help a worker feel part of the company, allowing him to know it better, relate to his superiors, with other colleagues with whom he does not work so much daily,… Etc.

Team Building



Team building is a practice that helps create good relationships between colleagues, improves teamwork and, ultimately, gets more motivated and productive workers.