Are you a woman and are you thinking of starting your own business? If so, you should know that there are different aids for women entrepreneurs aimed at promoting female self-employment and achieving equal employment between men and women.

Today, women account for about 35% of our country’s share of self-employedpeople, which has led to the development of a Women Workers Support Plan by the Women’s Institute and the Ministry of Social Services and Equality.

The aid to women entrepreneurs of the Women’s Institute is intended for women who want to set up or expand a business. Some aids that are nothing despicable, and then we will tell you.

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Grants for women entrepreneurs you should know

First of all, we want to emphasize that these grants may vary over time, so below we will review the aids for 2021 women entrepreneurs that are in force and available today.

Women’s Business Support Program (PAEM)

We started the aid to women entrepreneurs with the Business Support Program for Women (PAEM), a program developed by the Chamber of Commerce that offers personalized advice online and free of charge,so that those women who want to undertake can solve all the doubts they have.

In addition, it offers support for women entrepreneurs up to 25,000 euros in microcredits without guarantees,in order to alleviate the possible economic problems that may be encountered to undertake.

Rural Women’s Challenge Program

One of the aid to women entrepreneurs of the Institute of Women and Equal Opportunities is the Rural Women Challenge Program,which offers financial aid to all those women who want to start or renew a business in the rural environment.

Its objective is to promote and support the competitiveness of women-led projects in rural areas. Co-financed by the European Social Fund, it offers technical training and personalized advice, as well as the possibility to access the Rural Women’s Entrepreneurship Portal, where they will be able to sell their products and access all information related to aid, training, grants, etc.

Youth Employment Shock Plan 2019-2021

Among the young women entrepreneurs’ aid highlights the Young Employment Shock Plan 2019-2021,which provides support to women entrepreneurs under the age of 30, who will be able to access business plan advisory and monitoring services and expected economic incentives for self-employment.

Innovatia Program 8.3

If you are looking for help for women entrepreneurs over the age of 45, the Innovatia 8.3 program offers supportto women entrepreneurs of any age, with the requirement that the business in which it will be engaged belongs to the technological or scientific sector.

A programme in which the University of Santiago de Compostela participates and is co-financed by the European Social Fund, and which offers a training platform to those women interested in undertaking in the scientific or technological sector.

It also allows access to the Amadrinanetprogram, through which a university woman with recently created entrepreneurship projects can receive support from women with a long history and great experience in the business world.

Aid for self-employed women

In addition to all the oneswe have just reviewed, there are also aids for autonomous women that you can benefit from, whether you are going to register with the Special Regime of Self-Employed Workers (RETA) for the first time, or if you have already been a self-employed worker for years.

  • 30% bonus on your common contingency fee

If you’re a woman, you’re under 35, it’s the first time you’re going to sign up for the RETA or it’s been more than two years since you’ve unsubscribed, you can access a 30% bonus on your common contingency fee,including temporary disability for the next 12 months after the end of the generally anticipated bonus period. This bonus will have a maximum duration of 36 months.

  • 100% bonus per child

You are entitled to a 100% bonus if you have a biological child, have adopted, welcomed or present any risk during breastfeeding. A 100% bonus of the applicable fee on the average basis for the 12 months prior to the start of your loss. The duration shall be one minimum monthand may be extended for the entire rest period.

  • High as a self-employed person with a fixed fee of 60 euros

If you have been discharged as an autonomous by birth, adoption, guardianship for adoption, acceptance and guardianship purposes, you can register as an autonomous with a fixed fee of 60 euros for 12 months, regardless of whether no more than 2 years have passed. The only requirement is that you comment on the general minimum basis.

This assistance includes common and professional contingencies. If you quote on a base above the minimum, you will be able to access an 80% bonus on the quote for common contingencies.

These are the main aids for women entrepreneurs that you can apply for in 2021. If you want more information about it or want to know how to process them, contact us without obligation.