That smartphones have become an indispensable element to work today, is not a secret to anyone. How far mobile phones have advanced in recent years, as well as multiple mobile business management applications that have been appearing, has made our mobile phone one of our best allies, both to improve our organization, and to maintain good communication with customers or suppliers.

In fact, the offer of business management applications for mobiles that we can find in the APP Store is huge,adapting to all sectors and being really useful for workers of all kinds.

That is why from AYCE Laborytax we wanted to show you what, for us, are the best mobile business management applications that your business needs.

Using the ‘smartphone’ to solve labor issues makes you more productive and effective

1 – Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a fundamental mobile application to bring your social media marketing strategy up to date. Very complete, it offers the possibility of scheduling your publications in all the profiles you have in the different social networks, at any time of the day, wherever you are.

With a very simple and easy-to-use interface,you can get the most out of it from the moment you have it downloaded on your mobile device.

2 – Business Evernote

Business Evernote is a tool that “will conquer you2. It performsthe functions of a digital agenda, a data collector,a project manager,as well as a workspace synchronization system.

Designed to boost your productivity and that of your team,it has a free trial version that will allow you to explore it freely.

3 – Trello

Another of the most outstanding APPs to improve productivity is Trello. An online tool that acts as an effective project manager, with an intuitive design and a great visual quality, which allows you to plan all the tasks you have pending, attach files, add tags, descriptions, etc.

One of the keys to its success is that it allows you to indicate a due date of the task,as well as communicate with the rest of the people participating in the project in a comfortable, fast and above all, effective way.

4 – Lastpass

Given the importance of new technologies today, cybersecurity applications have also carved out a niche for themselves in workers’ mobile phones. Here comes into play Lastpass, a mobile APP that stands out as the best password manager,taking care of keeping all your passwords secure, as well as reminding you when necessary.

5 – Google Analytics

If you want to know at all times the state in which your website is located, wherever you are, do not hesitate to download the Google AnalyticsAPP. It will offer you the opportunity to observe in real time the evolution that your website is experiencing,being of great help in order to optimize your online marketing strategy.

6 – GSuite

GSuite refers to the intelligent application package that Google has available,which focuses on facilitating remote work in the cloud, through a series of tools as indispensable as
Gmail, Google Calendar, Drive, Hangout,

It is possibly one of the most indispensable mobile business management applications. The moment you try it you will understand why.

7 – Skype

Although it is true that lately many applications have appeared that offer the opportunity to make video calls, the truth is that Skype continues to be a reference,and the proof is that it is still the first option when it comes to making calls in the business world.

It has its own mobile APP, which in addition to making video calls, also stands out for allowing you to maintain group chats,as well as make video calls with other users. Very useful for group meetings from different places.

8 – TeamViewer

The TeamViewer APP will allow you to access a remote computer and control it, wherever you are. It is a very useful tool, when you need to enter a desktop computer, which you do not have available, to obtain a specific information. Of course, it will be necessary to have TeamViewer installed both on your computer and on your mobile phone.

9 – Slack

Slack is arguably the best tool to streamline and make teamwork more efficient. It is a collaboration tool, based on instant messaging, which has many other functionalities that are really useful, such as the possibility of exchanging and storing documents, making calls and video calls, activating notifications, etc.

In addition, Slack works in a synchronized way on all computers,through the different applications it has available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOs and Android.

10 – WeTransfer

To close this Top 10 mobile business management applications, we recommend WeTransfer. It is perfect for transferring a large volume of files. Ideal for sending photographs or documents that in most cases can not be sent via email, due to their volume.

It allows you to receive all files via a download link. Its free version is up to 2GB, but it has premium versions that allow you to send more volume of files.



The advances that the world of mobile telephony has experienced during the last years, have allowed that currently, we can control any aspect of our business from our mobile phone. With great effectiveness, as if we were in the same office, thanks – mainly – to the arrival of the Internet, and mobile applications for business management; we can make our day to day much easier.