Dirigir una empresa durante la crisis del coronavirus

The situation we are experiencing because of the coronavirus has caused a tremendous economic crisis in our country that directly affects businessesand businesses, which have been forced to curb their activity indefinitely, stopping earning income, while having to meet all their economic obligations.

This has led to take a number of steps to lead the company during the coronavirus crisis that allow them to see the light at the end of the tunnel, trying to reduce costs and managing the workforce as effectively as possible, to try to keep the activity within the possible and at the same time, prevent the safety and health of workers.

In fact, many companies, in addition to knowing how to manage the coronavirus crisis, are taking advantage of this situation to find new growth opportunities that will surely make them resume their activity more strongly.

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What steps to take in your company during the coronavirus crisis?

The main measures of companies during the coronavirus crisis are: teleworking, reducing workers’ hours and ERDs.

They are without a doubt the most optimal solutions to keep the activity within possible, prevent contagion and reduce the economic burden of the company.

You may already be aware of them, but there are other measures that will help you run your business in times of coronavirus and can also help you manage your business.

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Tips for running your business during coronavirus

Dirigir una empresa durante la crisis del coronavirus

> employees

Based on the basis that layoffs during the coronavirus are prohibited, if your company can continue the activity, it would be recommended to implement telework,as this way employees could continue to work from their homes without risk of contagion.

In the event that the company is unable to maintain the activity,two possibilities are envisaged: to declare an ERTE or to agree to a reduction of contracts with the workers. This would protect workers, who are, after all, the most important bulk and soul of any company.

> flexibility

Given the difficulties caused by coronavirus, companies need to be more flexible than everbefore, being aware that productivity is very likely to fall from a normal situation, mainly if it is a company where telework has never been implemented before.

> Inform your customers and suppliers

Since we are not faced with a situation of ‘normality’, we recommend that you inform your customers and suppliers of the current situation of the company to be aware, giving special priority to those customers or suppliers with whom you had pending operations, trying to concrete them as soon as possible.

In addition, it is advisable to review all contracts, to check if there are contract termination clauses by ‘Force May’ to anticipate you and not get caught by surprise.

> Review your business model

You’ll also need to review your business model,mainly because when it gets back to normal you’ll have to make important decisions that can affect all areas and departments of the company.

Before thinking about any other front you should focus on the core of the business,cessing any activity that is experimental or does not generate business, since at this time, it is not indispensable.

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Opportunities for growth in your business during the coronavirus crisis

Dirigir una empresa durante la crisis del coronavirus

> Online training

If your business keeps activity low and productivity has fallen, one option to take advantage of confinement is to boost your workers’ online training. This will keep you productive as they improve and update your knowledge, so you can apply them to your business.

> Digital transformation

Coronavirus can be a good opportunity to carry out the digital transformation of your company,which will undoubtedly be fundamental to the growth of your business and avoid being anchored in the past.

The digitization of companies has ceased to be an option and has become a necessity, causing a renewal of the corporate culture of the company and the business in general, adapting it to new technologies.

If you’re taking advantage of confinement to digitize your business, it’s important that you pre-evaluate your business situation to know the starting point, not be afraid of change.



In short, although the coronavirus crisis is being a very difficult time for companies, taking the necessary measures can make us see ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’and even provide an opportunity to boost the growth of our business.