Los servicios de asesoría más demandados durante el coronavirus

Since the decree of the State of Alarm in our country as a measure to prevent coronavirus contagion, in this time of uncertainty for companies, small shops and freelancers, advisory services have been indispensable to clarify doubts and to face with guarantees the different extraordinary measures that the Government was approving.

Within the most demanded advisory services, above all, labor advice,legal advice and tax advice stand out, fundamental to the application and application of ERTES, to take action in companies and take action legally, and to receive assistance with payment moratoriums, deferrals of fees, grants and grants,… Etc.

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Which advisory services have been most requested during the Alarm State?

the health crisis caused by coronavirus has led to a tremendous economic crisis in Spain affecting thousands of businesses and businesses, as well as their workers; who have been hit by the various measures passed to alleviate the economic situation of companies, such as the Temporary Employment Regulation Files.

In view of this situation, the consultancies have been overwhelmed, becoming a real lifeline for all the companies affected by this Covid-19 crisis, and who were requesting en masse the services of labour, legal and tax advisers in search of solutions or aid to this difficult situation.

But what have been the advisory services most demanded by companies during the coronavirus?

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> Labour Counseling

Los servicios de asesoría más demandados durante el coronavirus

One of the main measures proposed by the Government to alleviate the business economy has been the Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTE) Dossiers, which have allowed companies to avoid mass layoffs.

Job advice has been instrumental in applying for ERTE, providing relevant documentation and fulfilling obligations to workers. Only one job advisor has the necessary up-to-date information on the protocol of action and knows the fine print in detail.

Depending on each situation, a company may choose between temporarily suspend the contracts of its workers or apply a reduction ofhours, being the labor advisor the best ally to ensure the completion of all the corresponding procedures and procedures; guiding companies in the best sense.

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> Legal Advice

Los servicios de asesoría más demandados durante el coronavirus

The role of legal advice during coronavirus has also been critical,allowing companies to receive advice on what actions they can take legally.

The increased demand of the legal adviser occurred especially during the early days of the State of Alarm,with the aim of offering a solution to the different legal problems most linked to companies.

One of the most demanded issues for legal advice has been the company’s relationships with clients and suppliers,with the aim of being able to adapt legally to the new situation.

> Tax Advice

Los servicios de asesoría más demandados durante el coronavirus

No doubt the tax advisory services have been the most in demand during the coronavirus,and that is that the figure of the tax advisor has been indispensable for any company that has been affected by the coronavirus.

In fact, possibly never before has the figure of the tax adviser been so important to companies and self-employed persons,both for their knowledge and guarantees, and for trying to speed up all the corresponding procedures.

The tax advisor has participated in the processing of ERTES,advising the companies and carrying out the corresponding procedures after the declaration of the State of Alarm and with all the measures that have been approved in an extraordinary way.

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Its role has also been key to taking advantage of the moratorium on payments to Social Security, enabledfor business between April and June 2020, and from May to July for self-employed workers.

Tax advice has also managed deferments for filing tax returns and self-assessments,extending the deadline for filing the first quarter to May 20, when scheduled for April 20.

In addition to participating directly in the procedures corresponding to the extension of the deadline for settlement payments of the Tax Agency,the suspension of deadlines for the formulation of accounts or the expiration of the registration entries… among other formalities.



Since the economy is going to suffer the consequences of coronavirus for a while, since AYCE Laborytax we make available to your company all our labor, legal and tax advisory services with the aim of helping you to take advantage of the different benefits available, being guaranteed to comply with the legality.