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Outsourcing offers companies the opportunity to be more efficient,increase the satisfaction of their customers and, ultimately, achieve the objectives set more easily; saving costs and being able to devote more time to other needs of the company.

Given the many advantages it offers, more and more companies are opting for outsourcing, i.e. the hiring of external companies to cover certain aspects or services that from within the company I can not cover (or I can cover, but with difficulties) in order to reduce my costs, improve the quality of the services I can offer and meet the established deadlines.

Outsourcing is a process by which a company contracts the services of another external company, so that it is responsible for performing a series of activities or services with greater effectiveness; and thus be able to save time, money and achieve the objectives set with greater ease.

Therefore in this post we are going to review the new trends in business outsourcing that will mark 2019,so that you take them into account and you can make a leap of quality to your business.

Outsourcing: not only cost savings

outsourcing empresarial

One of the main advantages offered by outsourcing to companies is the cost savings,but there are many others to take into account, which have led to the rise of outsourcing of services by companies.

The difficulty in being able to access specialized services by companies is another reason that the hiring of outsourcing services has increased. The same goes for business digitization, business transformation and innovation.

To this we must add the flexibility that outsourcing offers to companies. The possibility of offering a greater dedication to the main activity of their businesses, as well as the increase in quality of the services offered.



With the entry into force of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), ensuring the security of data and information has become an obligation for all companies.

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In order to avoid attacks by computer scientists and reduce risks, there are many companies that hire external services to cybersecurity companies,to enjoy the most advanced and effective security solutions.

In this way they can increase the security of the stored data and reduce the risks, without the need to implement a specific department within the company, with all the economic savings that this implies.

ICT boom

The rise of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), as well as the digital transformation of business, has caused many companies to need to hire specialized workers to carry out more complex projects.

Faced with this situation, companies are committed to outsourcing certain jobs to external companies,in order to meet the specific requirements and functions, and ensure better results.

Nature of collaborations

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In recent years we have seen how the nature of collaborations has changed,since while some business outsourcing relationships are characterized by being independent and strategic, others stand out for being more transactional. In this case, customers only pay for the services they use.

Everything points to the fact that in the near future it will be difficult to differentiate between outsourcing and collaboration.

Personalized talent management

Talent management will be increasingly personalized,since to achieve employee loyalty will require individual strategies, capable of connecting with the emotional and rational side of a person.

Companies increasingly seek to fill the positions with people as specialized as possible,with the aim of being able to offer the best service to their customers. For this, direct communication with the rest of the people in the organization is fundamental, thus achieving their loyalty, and also generating engagement.

Employer branding

Employer branding

When we talk about“employer branding” we are referring to the brand of the company as an employer.

We are at a time when a company must not only take care of the image it offers to its customers, but it is also important to take care of the image it shows to its own employees.

The communication of this image can be done through traditional channels, although in recent times digital media have gained greater importance,these being the most used.

That said, for companies it is essential to carry out an Employer Branding strategy, focused especially on the digital world.



So far the review of the main trends in business outsourcing that will mark 2019, and that you must take into account to offer the best service and the best image not only to your customers, but also to your employees.

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