Registro diario de jornada laboral de los trabajadores

As of May 12, 2019, it will be mandatory for companies to guarantee the daily record of the working day of each of their employees, regardless of the type of contract or professional category, specifying the start and end time of the day.

How long do I have to keep the record?

It will also be necessary to keep these records for four years,and must remain at the disposal of workers, legal representatives and the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate.

Penalties for non-compliance

Failure to comply with the rules on Day Registration can be considered a serious infringement and punishable by an amount of € 626 to € 6,250.

Registro diario de jornada laboral de los trabajadores

How do I make my day registration?

The way to organize and document this registration of the day will be the one agreed through collective bargaining or company agreement, but as long as there are no such agreements, it will be the employer who will decide how to organize and document it, yes, after consultation with the representatives of the workers.

The standard has not specified how it should be, nor what format the day registration should have, so we understand it must be developed by regulation (especially in sectors, jobs and professional categories that due to their peculiarities require it –commercial, transporters …), regulatory development of which we will keep you duly informed.

It is also foreseeable that little by little, in the various collective agreements that will be approved in the future, they will establish the way in which the repeated Register is to be carried out; therefore, we will have to wait for the specifics that are agreed in the collective agreements of application in this regard.

The undoubted thing is that the day registration system must guarantee the reliability and invariability of the data.

They must adapt to the needs and peculiarities of their company the system that best fits, being able to use MANUAL, ANALOG or DIGITAL SYSTEMS.

Which workers must register for the day?

There is an obligation to deliver a summary of the Day Registration,together with the payroll of the corresponding month; the following workers:

  1. Full-time workers who work overtime.
  2. Part-time workers.
  3. Mobile (mobile workplace) workers.
  4. Whenever the worker requests it.

Registro diario de jornada laboral de los trabajadores

If you have any questions or need any clarification about this obligation of the Day Registration, you can contact our advisors to help you solve it.